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    El Space Shuttle a podrá despegar

    Space Shuttle Takes Off

    Posted: Sunday, August 12, 2007 - 18:14
    Just Flight announces Space Shuttle is now available on DVD-ROM. This new add-on has been developed by the team at Captain Sim, who enlisted the skills of a Shuttle-trained Cosmonaut on the project. All six Shuttle orbiters are faithfully modelled and the systems and avionics are re-created to an extremely high level of detail. Panels include high-resolution 2D, virtual cockpit, Commander view 2D panel, HUD, exterior model animation control panel, simicons panel, radio panel and GPS panels.

    Software features a video ‘launch’ to start the program and set the scene for the journey back to terra firma. Animations include payload bay doors, SRMS (Shuttle Remote Manipulator System), drag chute, radiators and landing gear. It also includes a voice package with 19 cues based on actual crew and Mission Control communications, and radio aids that provide original Space Shuttle -19°/-17° steep OGS glide slope and shallow glide slope for runway 15 and 33 at the NASA Shuttle Landing Facility (X6 in Florida. The manual features a custom tutorial prepared by Just Flight to guide virtual astronauts back to Earth. Space Shuttle has been developed for Flight Simulator X but can be used in FS2004 with certain limitations.




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