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    30 jun, 10
    A 10.83 nm del VOR LELL por el radial 37

    PMDG [Beta Preview] DC-6 for X-Plane

    ¡Buenas noticias para los amantes del DC-6, PMDG y X-Plane 10!

    The beta team received word last night that pictures may be shown here, and I'm somewhat surprised none have ended up here yet. That being said, I do know Pete (Froogle) has been busy lately with some travel plans, and I have a feeling Carl will eventually show up and describe the 6 in beautifully exquisite and artistic detail...but for now, I'll provide you with a few shots from my earlier testing.

    Of course, remember that these are beta pictures, so try to refrain from total meltdowns about things that might look out of place. The beta team has been very good at snagging items so far, and each build makes things ever better. Also, of note, is that none of these pictures has been edited.

    The DC-6 has been a lot of fun to get used to, and I'm still learning new bits each time I fire up the sim. Externally, it exudes an air of sophistication over past designs, while also being right there on the edge of what was then "tomorrow."

    In the sim, this sophisticated look presents itself nicely, despite also showing some ruggedness. It might not show itself off as rugged as the venerable DC-3, but you can still see the Douglas style showing through the refinements. Note the light playing on the surface, and how those surfaces are textured.

    Stepping inside, this detail is also apparent in the gauge reflections, texturing, and so on.

    What you're missing in the stills, of course, is the aircraft living and breathing as the huge radials vibrate the airframe, and the panel and needles vibrate in response.

    Note the varying aging of the gauges, and in some cases, slightly different gauge faces as individual gauges got replaced over time.

    There are a few updates to the panel to make it compatible with the modern requirements of today's airspace, but otherwise, you're presented with the mostly pre-human-factors early flight decks.

    When things get dark, there is an array of nearly infinite combinations of lighting to get the job done. Here, the red light illuminates the captain side to supplement the remaining light from the sunset. Note that the light drops off towards the first officer's side, as I've left those lights off.

    ...and here, a red wash on the upper panel.

    Until next time!

    Notes, since I know people will ask:

    The sim is X-Plane
    The DC-6 will release first for X-Plane, and will then migrate into other platforms at a later date
    No additional scenery has been used
    No additional plug-ins have been used
    No edits have been made
    The Beta Team has been making suggestions and tweaks to features since they got their hands on it - please don't ask for a features list, as the features are being adjusted as the beta process continues

    [Beta Preview] DC-6 for X-Plane - PMDG General Forum - The AVSIM Community
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    Usuario Foroaviones
    12 sep, 07
    Que pintaza!!! A ver si lo sacan antes del 2016

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    Aeropayo de los güenos
    30 abr, 08
    Al lado del VOR BLN
    Yo prefiero esperar 737 de IEXG, aunque tener el primer avión de PMDG para XPlane es un lujo.... Ya veremos cómo anda el presupuesto

    Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando mis deditos
    Nunca tantos debemos tanto a tan pocos Siempre con Nosotros

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    30 jun, 07
    Roquetas de Mar (LEAM)



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