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    Usuario Foroaviones
    31 jul, 12
    Luego luego de virando en Plaza y 05R a la vista (Usando la STAR 05-L-XOCHIMOCOS)

    X-Plane : A330 de Jetsim

    Pues otro que llega (y esperando el 350, el MD-80 y el 737!):

    Detailed modeling

    3D Cockpit
    HD Texturing
    Full 3D exterior model
    Custom Sounds

    Advanced Custom Systems

    Electrical, Hydraulic
    Accurate flight model with custom airfoils
    Custom Flight Management Computer in the Airbus style
    Fly by wire
    Custom programmed ECAM intergration
    Custom autopilot (Managed vs Selected modes)
    Sasl powered code

    3 engines variants

    Rolls Royce Trent 700
    General Electric CF6-80E1
    Pratt & Whitney PW4000
    10 paint schemes included

    Requires X-Plane 10.30+
    Y algunas imagenes:

    Parece que todavía tiene unos cuantos bugs, y según creo recordar ofrecerá una versión PRO más adelante (porque el FMC se basa en el default del X-Plane).

    Más info aqui:
    A330-300 by JetSim - Page 27 - A330 by JetSim - X-Plane.Org Forum
    Y aquí (para comprarlo) Airbus A330-300

    En breve, tiempo disponible mediante, podré deciros si es un truñete o un buen avioncete.


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    Aeropayo de los güenos
    30 abr, 08
    Al lado del VOR BLN

    X-Plane : A330 de Jetsim

    Espero tus comentarios bonico de cara

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    29 ago, 11
    en las cloacas del cielo, en los prados del subsuelo
    FMC default de simulador?
    Años de ventaja
    Esta historia que pudo ser verdad, parece una mentira, la vamos a contar...

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    Winter is coming
    17 mar, 12
    Norte de Tenerife
    El que si tiene una pinta brutal y parece que será otra bomba como el 737 de IXEG es el MD-8X de RotateSim

    McDonnell Douglas MD-80 by Rotate - Page 10 - Airplane Development Notices - X-Plane.Org Forum

    Intel Core i5-4460 @ 3'2Ghz - Gigabyte GTX 750 Ti OC Windforce 2GB GDDR5 - Gigabyte Z97P-D3 - G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB RAM 1866Mhz (OC) - SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB - Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200rpm - Tacens Radix VII AG 600W 80+ Silver - Windows 10 64 bits - Saitek X52 Pro [X-Plane 10.45 & FSX Steam Edition]

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    09 abr, 13
    El airbus que lo va a partir y va a estar a ańos luz de todos los demas sera el de qpac conforme lo vayan terminando

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    31 jul, 12
    Luego luego de virando en Plaza y 05R a la vista (Usando la STAR 05-L-XOCHIMOCOS)
    @vitolo: ando guardando dinero para ese

    @aglos: Si, va a dejar obsoleto al 320 de Jar, que para mi gusto en VC era formidable. Aqui al final compara este 333 con el 320 de qpac en cuanto a funcionalidad

    De momento, un par de vuelos y es avión de papel con potencial. Un tal TIM en los foros de X-plane ha publicado los siguientes bugs(y el desarrollador ha respondido que más trabajo para hacer), así que si alguien pensaba en comprarselo tambien, mejor que se espere :

    [A-1] some graphics unreadable at lower texture resolutions

    Some background info: due to my machine's very poor performance, I use very low settings in X-Plane (including setting the texture resolution to "minimal"). While this should of course result in a worse experience compared to higher texture resolutions, what I'm experiencing here is far worse that what I'm getting with the Flight Factor 777, for example. While I can use the latter without issues, the A330 is hardly usable using the same settings.

    I'm referring to, in particular, the "on" graphics that show up when pressing buttons in the overhead panel, or when the master caution and master warning buttons light up. Zooming in does not help at all, unlike in any other aircraft I have.

    Here's a Dropbox album with examples of the A333 and comparisons to two other addons I have: https://www.dropbox....3ke-EX4Pygpriua - please download it for full resolution images.

    [A2] MCDU does not sanitize the cost index

    For example, the MCDU seemed perfectly happy when I selected a cost index of "HARRY" tongue.png

    [A3] MCDU screen goes (mostly) dark after some entry combinations

    For example, after inserting the departure runway and SID, the display goes dark, in that it shows only the headers and destination. Clicking on the F-PLN button again brings the rest of the flight plan back.

    Note this does not always happen, but I can reproduce it with the following: YPPH/YPAD, YPPH runway 3, SID SOLUS1 and insert; also with YPAD runway 23, STAR RIKA8A and insert.

    [A4] some center console (3) lights do not work

    The 3D model does seem to have an area that looks like a light on each of the center console buttons, jst above the text label, but when pressing said buttons, while the corresponding pages show up on the display, the light remains disabled, where I would expect it to light up (based on other Airbus models, but also on the fact that the light's area appears to be modeled)…

    [A5] QNH 29.91 shows as "STD"

    When changing the altimeter's barometric pressure, the values go from 29.90 to Std, then Std again, then 29.93, so it looks as though STD is displayed when 29.91 is set.

    [A6] autothrottle issues

    After loading the aircraft, I can move the thrust levers using F1/F2, the mouse and even my joystick (albeit with an annoying delay, but I guess this simulates resistance that may not be present on said joysitck).

    However, here's where it gets really bad: as soon as clicking on a spot to bring it into one of the predefined detents/gates, I lose all other sort of throttle control!

    That is, either of my joystick, the mouse and F1/F2 have any control over the levers anymore, only the click spots can be used (which makes it kind of useless, giving that even with a full flight on autoflight, one needs a way to retard the throttles back to idle on landing).

    Moving the throttles back to reverse works, and joystick control works for the reverse levels (so I can go from idle to full revserse and vice-versa). Toggling back (from reverse to forward thrust), and same issue occurs (only the click spots can control the levers).

    Disabling A/THR on the MCP has no effect, the levers are still stuck sad.png

    [A7] master warning lights

    Sometimes the master warning lights come on (fair enough), but there is zero indication on either ECAM displays as to what the warning is about - this seems odd.

    [A8] navigation display PLAN mode not implemented

    When setting the navigation display to PLAN mode and going through the F-PLN page using the arrows, the ND does not switch to the currently selected waypoint. This is terribly useful, and available even on default X-Plane aircraft sad.png

    [A9] thrust levers do not auto-engage A/THR

    When moving the thrust levers into FLEX or TOGA detents, the A/THR does not get auto-enabled. This happens regardless of whether this was done by moving the levers (mouse/keyboard/joystick) or using the provided click spots.

    As far as I know, this is a standard feature on any and all Airbusses.

    Currently, I have to click A/THR on the MCP either before or after moving the trust levers to the FLEX or TOGA detent.

    Similarly, taking the thrust levers out of the FLEX or TOGA detent while below a certain speed (maybe 80 or 100 knots) should auto-disable A/THR, or at least that's what I would expect.

    This is in contrast to e.g. the behavior of QPAC's A320 or Peter Hager's A380.

    [A10] autobrakes as a bitfield

    All autobrakes values can be selected simultaneously, which is very wrong, they're radio buttons rather than checkboxes wink.png

    [A11] tapping sound always on

    Instead of just hearing the tap/click sound when you click on an actual control, the sound is present when clicking, regardless of whether the mouse cursor is over a button or other click spot.

    Though in this case maybe it's more realistic, it's just the sound of the pilot tapping on the dashboard out of boredom (or maybe he's just very clumsy).

    [A12] MCDU MENU page

    The MCDU's MENU page features the aircraft type, engine type, primary navigation database and secondary navigation database.
    The latter is indicated as "AEROSOFT AIRAC", but does not mention the AIRAC cycle (which would be useful).

    [A13] lack of ECAM "checklists"

    I gather this is just "not simulated", but some of them like takeoff or approach are fairly straightforward and would be nice to have

    [A14] custom sounds

    While some custom sounds are present, the engine sounds seems very close to the default sounds for jets?

    ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    Then, other issues which are based on comparison with the A320 by QPAC. Here I assume that the A320 and A330 systems are very similar, and that QPAC gets them right, both of which could be incorrect - but I figure I'd report them anyway in case they are actual issues.

    [B1] seat belt and no smoking signs cannot be set to on

    On the QPAC, these signs can be set to either off, auto or on. On the JetSim, I can set them to either off or auto, but I can't seem to move them to the on position.

    Also, there is no ECAM message about them being enabled (also unlike in the QPAC).

    [B2] no APU AVAIL light

    - on the QPAC, pushing the APU starter switch illuminates the ON light, then once the APU is available, the ON light extinguishes and the AVAIL light comes on

    - on the JetSim, pushing the APU starter switch illuminates the ON light, then once the APU is available, the ON light extinguishes, but that's it

    [B3] ECAM flap indicator oddities

    - on the QPAC, the flap/slat dots only appear when slats/flaps are extended (anything other than 0) or while they are retracting to 0 (and disappear when fully retracted), and there is a textual indication of the slat/flap position (0, 1, 1+F, 2, 3, FULL) under the indicator, as well as separate S and F indicators at the edges of the current slat/flap position, also only apparent when the slat/flaps are in a non-zero position or retracting to zero (which also disappear when fully retracted)

    - on the JetSim, the flap/slat dots are always apparent; also there is no textual indication for the currently selected flap/slat position

    - on Peter Hager's A380, the slat/flap indicators behave the same as on the QPAC, except they're foind on the PFD rather than on the ECAM

    [B4] pressing the same button twice on the center console

    When pressing, e.g. the APU ubtton on the center console, I get differing behaviors:

    - on the QPAC, pressing it once brings the APU page, pressing it a second time goes back to the previous page

    - on the JetSim, pressing it once brings up the APU page, pressing it a second time stays on the APU page

    - on the JetSim, pressing the CLR ubtton is needed to go back to the previous page, where normally it is used to clear ECAM error and warning messages (I was under the impression this was the only purpose of said button?)

    [B5] altimeter barometric pressure knob push/pull

    - on the QPAC, pulling goes to STD, pushing goes back to the previously selected pressure (which can be 29.92 too)

    - on the JetSim, pulling goes to STD, but there does not appear to be a way to push it, instead, I can simply turn it to set it back to the desired pressure

    On the QPAC, when below the transition altitude and the pressure is set to STD, the [STD] indication on the PFD starts flashing. This is solved by pushing the knob: the selected pressure is indicated numerically on the PFD (even if 29.92) and no longer flashes.

    Similarly, when above the transition altitude and the pressure is set to a numeric value, the numeric indication on the PFD starts flashing (even if 29.92). This is solved by pushing the knob: STD pressure is indicated on the PFD and it no longer flashes.

    The transition altitudes being set in the MCDU, on the PERF TAKE OFF and PERF APPR pages, respectively.

    With the current JetSim implementation, the above procedure cannot be followed.

    Also, Peter Hager's A380 features the same behavior for those knobs.

    [B6] altimeter barometric pressure knob units

    Switching from inHg and hPa via the knob is not implemented on the JetSim (whereas it is on the QPAC). I haven't yet checked whether the JetSim follows the X-Plane units setting (or only allows inHg pressure), but being able to change on-the-fly is much more practical.

    Also, Peter Hager's A380 has the same switching feature for those knobs.

    [B7] MCDU scrolling inverted

    For example, on the F-PLN page.

    - on the QPAC, pressing the UP arrow scrolls DOWN, i.e. the *entries* move UP

    - on the JetSim, pressing the UP arrow scrolls UP, i.e. the *entries* move DOWN

    The Aerosoft Airbus Extended matches the behavior of the QPAC.

    [B8] MCDU end of flight plan line missing

    - on the QPAC, ----- END OF F-PLN ----- shows after all waypoints, and we can scroll back to the beginning of the flight plan

    - on the JetSim, there is no such line and scrolling down does not circle back to the beginning of the flight plan

    [B9] some MCDU intermediate pages missing

    - on the QPAC, clicking on the departure or arrival airport bring up an intermediate page, where a next waypoint can be added
    - on the QPAC, departures or arrivals can be selected by pressing the corresponding line select key from that intermediate page
    - on the QPAC, the departure and arrival pages are similar to the JetSim except for SID/STARs not being supported

    - on the JetSim, clicking on the departure or arrival airport takes you directly to the departures or arrivals page without any intermediate page

    Additionally, looking at the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended, the way one inserts waypoints is quite different from how it's implemented in the JetSim. There is never a blank space at the bottom of the flight plan, so to bring up the window where you insert airways and waypoints, you click on the last waypoint before the destination, then select airways, and then you have the same page as seen on the JetSim. I won't compare to the QPAC here as airway support is not implemented in it yet.

    Finally, when clicking on the CLR key, CLR does not show up in the scratchpad - I'm used to using this to clear waypoints that might have been entered incorrectly.

    [B10] runway numbers not showing in F-PLN once set

    - on the QPAC, once the departure and/or arrival runway(s) have been set, the show up on the flight plan, e.g. the YPPH entry switches to YPPH03 and the YPAD entry switches to YPAD23

    - on the JetSim, the departure and arrival runway numbers are not reflected on the flight plan

    The Aerosoft Airbus Extended also matches the behavior of the QPAC here.

    [B11] MCDU PERF pages missing

    - on the QPAC, each PERF page features a title corresponding to a phase of flight: TAKE OFF, CLB, CRZ, DES, APPR, GO AROUND
    - on the QPAC, you can switch between phases using line select keys on the MCDU (PREV PHASE, NEXT PHASE); this lets you set some values in advance, such as QNH and transition altitude for descent, or switch landing configurations (flaps 3 or full) before entering the approach phase
    - on the QPAC, when entering the approach phase, Vapp and Vls speeds are then set and will only change due to manual input
    - on the QPAC, the APPR phase can be manually activated during descent, if we want it active before it auto-enables

    - on the JetSim, it appears the only available PERF page corresponds to the current phase of flight, which is not indicated (page has no title except "PERF")
    - I've only seen the first PERF page, as I have yet to do a complete flight using this addon

    [B12] no ON BAT or ALIGN indication on the IRS overhead

    - on the QPAC, when switching each ADIR system from OFF to NAV, the ON BAT indicator light up for a moment, then the corresponding ALIGN light comes on and stays on until alignment is complete

    - on the JetSim, when switching each ADIR system from OFF to NAV, neither the ON BAT nor the ALIGN indications appear

    [B13] ECAM says "IR in align"

    - on the QPAC, the upper ECAM display says "IRS IN ALIGN <value> MIN"

    - on the JetSim, the upper ECAM display says "IR IN ALIGN <value> MIN"

    Interestingly enough, Aerosoft's Airbus X Extended uses the same wording as you do, so you're probably right in this case…

    [B14] default flight director modes

    So, let's say the flight plan is entered, and the navigations modes are set to managed NAV (MCP HDG knob pushed), managed CLB (MCP ALT knob pushed) and managed SPD (MCP SPD knob pushed). I then switch on the flight director.

    - on the QPAC, the modes on the PFD are: CLB armed/blue, NAV armed/blue
    - on the QPAC, after moving the levers to FLEX detent (A/THR auto-enables), the modes on the PFD are: MAN FLX <temperature> SRS active/green, CLB armed/blue, NAV armed/blue
    - on the QPAC, the PFD correctly indicates the selected FLEX temperature when the thrust levers are in the FLEX detent

    - on the JetSim, the modes on the PFD are: CLB active/green (ALT armed/gray), NAV active/green
    - on the JetSim, after moving the levers to FLEX detent and enabling A/THR, the modes on the PFD are: FLX 50 gray, SRS active/yellow (ALT armed/gray), NAV active/green
    - on the JetSim, the PFD always seems to indicate FLX 50, regardless of what the flex temperature was actually set to
    No le veo demasiada culpa al desarrollador, ya que tambien necesitaba ampliar el feedback sobre bugs y mucha gente estaba dispuesta a pagar por algo en fase beta.



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