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    VEAO Ha-1112 Buchon

    VEAO Q&A Ha1112 Buchon
    Q & A Hispano Ha-1112 Buchon - ED Forums
    Welcome to the Questions and Answers thread for the VEAO Hispano Ha-1112 Buchon.

    In this thread feel free to ask any questions you have regarding this module and myself and the rest of the VEAO team will do our best to answer them as best we can.

    To cover a few commonly asked questions from the warbirds thread :

    • No ETA yet
    • The Buchon will have EFM to PFM standards
    • Full ASM
    • Our intention is to do the Spanish airforce variant
    • Potential for the converted Bf109 lookalike akin to those at IWM Duxford

    One of the primary questions that we are always being asked is why the Buchon rather than a real Bf109?

    Well there are a few reasons, one major one is that we can lay our hands on several real airworthy Buchon’s, we have access to pilots who have flown them, to detailed mechanical information (that is in English!). The engine is something that we also have ready access to.

    It is our philosophy that all of our modules will be completed to military specification. With that in mind having access to airworthy aircraft is very beneficial to us. That’s not to say that in the future we wouldn’t travel for access or do aircraft where we only have access to statics, but for our initial wave of releases it’s something that we had to consider.

    If you guys have any questions for us then this is the place for you!

    I can’t promise that we will answer all of them (usual NDA stuff applies etc etc) but we will certainly try!

    Keep an eye out for the Eye Candy thread and the Dev Diary not only for this aircraft but for the other warbirds as well!

    All the best


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    Pman habla sobre las versiones del VEAO Ha-1112 Buchon
    ED Forums - View Single Post - Q & A Hispano Ha-1112 Buchon
    Originally Posted by Stratos View Post
    Will we see the three and four blade propellor variants?

    Will the spanish air force rockets be included?
    Our intention is do to both, 4 bladed prop for the Spanish Air Force variant and a three bladed prop for the Bf109 impersonator for those aerobatic fans out there.

    As for the rockets, yes we will be implementing accurate weapons including the rockets.




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