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    LotATC 4 para DCS: World

    LocAtc 0.9.2 Update
    LotAtc 4 DCS - 0.9.2 - ED Forums
    One year

    One year after the first release (0.8.0), I release the 0.9.2. Minor version, but still lot of new features inside!
    Fix for incomplete picture in client that appears with DCS 1.2.8.
    There is also lot of fix/enhancement for BRAA.
    You can add/manage bookmarks for server
    Add the vertical indicator (show arrow for altitude variation)
    see changelog & screenshots below...

    Better chat notification (sound notification)
    Chat list not scrolled
    Memorize last servers and associated passwords (bookmark)
    Add Labels attributes list directly in LotAtc Client
    New variable %(vert_indic) for aircraft labels
    Add %(vert_indic) to default labels
    add ability to display/hide individually
    text-on-map UI
    Note: Documentation is not fully updated to this version yet, it will come in next days. https://lotatc.dartsite.org/projects.../Documentation
    DOWNLOAD HERE: Download https://lotatc.dartsite.org/projects.../wiki/Download

    Some screenshots

    More here: 0.9.2 Released! - LotAtc 4 DCS


    The next main release will be the 1.0.0 with share drawing support, Glide ILS support, a new client UI, new options for server... Lot of these are already coded and will be stabilised in next weeks
    The full approach with taxiways/tower view will certainly postponed in 1.1.0 because I am waiting the EDGE released to make all airports correctly.
    It is a change from my initial roadmap but I prefer to release the drawing part that is already ready with the updated UI of client, then concentrate my work on EDGE support (multi-map).
    Here some screenshots of the current 1.0.0-alpha1. UI is far to be finished but it will give you a good preview of my current work, no fake in that, all of feature shown in theses screenshots already works!

    More here: 0.9.2 Released! - LotAtc 4 DCS



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