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    Leatherneck Simulators

    Leatherneck-Simulator Update:

    ED Forums - View Single Post - Leatherneck Site Live!
    Found by some very attentive community members before ready for primetime; there is not much point in closing it down anymore.

    It is in a BETA stage at best; so do expect some errors and issues.
    Feel free to report any you might find though.

    A lot of content will be added as we go along (or rather; as we get some more time on our hands). It's fairly meagre at the moment. Videos, support system and so on.

    Leatherneck Simulations – DCS: MiG-21 |

    Known (major) issues:
    - Incorrect (or total lack of) rendering of HTML5 content on various browsers.
    - Broken padding and layout on various mobile devices
    - Various grammar / spelling errors
    - No localization
    - Lack of content
    - Hosting/Bandwidth issues (failure to load, slow loading times)




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