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    08 jul, 13

    Duda instalación FlightFX

    Hola a todos, tengo una duda en cuanto a la instalación de FlightFX... ¿es suficiente con que ejecute el instalador o tambien tengo que copiar los archivos y la carpeta de SweetFX?

    En algunos sitios leo que instalando FlightFX se instala automáticamente FlightFX + SweetFX, pero en otros leo que no...


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    Usuario Foroaviones
    08 jul, 13
    Solucionado, si alguien más tiene esta duda...

    If you are new to SweetFX with ROF:

    1. Download and install FlightFX.

    2. Launch FlightFX app and create a profile for your ROF install by telling FlightFX where you have installed the ROF.exe.

    3. On the Profile Manager tab check the Enable SweetFX box to enable it for your ROF install. When you check the box, FlightFX installs all the necessary files into your ROF folder and sub-folders. When you uncheck the box, it removes those files from your ROF folder and sub-folders.

    4. Then click on Edit SweetFX Settings button.

    5. While on the FX Settings tab click the Load From button and select the SweetFX_ROF_settings preset. This will give you a good starting point for further tweaking. Make any changes you wish and remember that you do not need to apply anything. it writes the changes on the fly.

    7. Minimize FlightFX and start ROF and you should see your SweetFX settings in-game. You can Alt-Tab between ROF and FlightFX to make real-time changes just as you have done before with the .txt file.

    Make sure to read the included Readme. You can access it by hitting the Help button.

    Note: Program which keys do what on the Profile Manager tab before you fly with FlightFX. Choose keys that do not conflict with other programs or controls within ROF itself. To see any new changes you made you'll need to refresh the shader. The "key-code" is the technical key # Windows uses for the button you chose. Just place your moure cursor in the box and press a key to assign.



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