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    Usuario Foroaviones
    31 jul, 12
    Luego luego de virando en Plaza y 05R a la vista (Usando la STAR 05-L-XOCHIMOCOS)

    Nuevo A330 de BlackBox

    Pues nada:


    Advanced 3dsMax Hi Poly modelling
    General Electric CF6, PW 4168 and RR TRent 700 Engines
    Exterior models each contains in excess of 150 thousand polygons
    Over 200 Custom animations
    Custom “smooth running” Engine Fan animations + 3d Fan Blades
    Ram Air Turbine
    Pressurisation Vents
    3d Landing lights & Light splashes on ground
    Full 3d cockpit visible through windows
    Highly detailed landing gear and gear bays
    Front and rear Pax doors, service + cargo doors
    3d Windows with reflective + specular refractive glass
    Reverse thrust system
    3d animated and sequenced Flaps/Slats/Speedbrakes
    All control surfaces seperateley linked to correct Hydraulic system
    Systems can be switched off removing the power from individual controls

    Virtual Cockpit Features

    Virtual Cockpit contains in excess of 160 thousand polygons
    Every feature of the 2D Panel is reflected in the VC and MUCH more !
    Animated Pull out tables, Sunblinds, Jumpseat & Armrests ++
    All knobs dials and switches faithfully reproduced in animated 3d
    Captain, First Officer and Jumpseat positions available
    Overhead section complete with Hyd, Air, Fuel, Lighting and Fire panels
    Separate flood and integral lighting + test switches for warnings
    Fully textured & Bump mapped parts include seat fabric and carpets
    3d modelled Standby Gauges
    Reflective glass in all gauges and windows (reflects cockpit environment)
    Highly detailed Side sticks with "skinned" boot
    Highly detailed Thrust levers with “Automatic” detents via keyboard or stick

    Panel features

    Custom Fly By Wire System
    Custom Autopilot and Auto Thrust systems
    Switchable Multifunction CRT display screens, PFD, ND, ECAM1 & ECAM2
    Programmable MCDU and FCU with Managed CLB and DECENT + Constraints
    Uses Navigraph Navdata with Sids & Stars
    Flightplans can use constraints, step climb, holds and Alternate destinations
    Autopilot with Managed, VSI, FPA, Heading, Track and Nav modes
    Autothrust with easy to use Preset detents for Managed and Spd modes
    Full Cat I, II AND III Auto land features
    FBW Envelope protection, anti stall, pitch, roll and g-load limiting
    One click Popups on all MFD’s
    IFR and VFR Panels for CAPT & FO in both normal and widescreen
    Fully featured pedestal
    Overhead panel
    Separate Integral and flood lighting
    Accurate font used on MFD’s FCU, MCDU and ECAMS
    Sub pixel GDI rendering for ultra smooth operation and excellent frame rates
    Fully featured Engine FADEC with individual assignable throttle axis’

    Liveries A330-200

    Blackbox house livery
    Etihad "Blue Moon"
    TAP Portugal
    Turkish Airlines

    Liveries A330-200F

    Blackbox House Livery

    Liveries A330-300

    Blackbox House Livery
    Brussels Airlines
    Virgin Atlantic

    Liveries A330-200 MRTT

    Royal Air Force

    This list is provisional .. Many more will follow after release with No Charge
    Yo espero ansioso la review de Paco Galindo.

    No se vosotros, pero esta semana vuelvo a ir a pata al curro.


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    Lo mejor, el aterrizaje.
    11 ago, 10
    A 5 km de LEMG, ahora LEMD/LETO/LECU.
    A mi es estos de black box no me dan muy buena espina, no se por qué.
    -Nunca tantos debieron tanto a tan pocos-
    Sir Wiston Churchill, Batalla de Inglaterra (1940)

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    Banana Power!
    14 oct, 08
    En tu pantalla
    Cada vez que sale un nuevo proyecto de Airbus para simulación es como: "Sí, sí, vuelve cuando lo tengas terminado y funcionando".



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