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    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Ha salido la KickStarter de DCS WW2 Europe 1944, a grandes rasgos:
    DCS WWII: Europe 1944 by Ilya Shevchenko — Kickstarter
    Flyable Aircraft:

    Republic P-47D-28 Thunderbolt;
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX;
    Messerschmitt Bf-109K-4;
    Focke-Wulf FW.190D-9 (from DCS: World);
    North-American P-51D Mustang (from DCS: World).

    Non-Flyable Aircraft:

    Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress;
    Messerschmitt Me.262A-1.


    Normandy. Area of the historical D-Day Invasion, as well as the extensive preparation and follow-up battles.


    Training campaign for each aircraft;
    Luftwaffe Fighter campaign (Bf.109);
    British Fighter campaign (Spitfire);
    US Ground Attack campaign (P-47).


    Selection of missions for each aircraft.


    Authentic ground vehicles, guns, and ships;
    Authentic historical buildings and landmarks;
    Regular content updates.


    Standard project features


    Everything at the previous level, plus:
    A flyable Hawker Typhoon IB
    A flyable FW.190A-5
    Single-player campaign for the Typhoon
    Single-player campaign for the FW.190


    Everything at the previous level, plus:
    A flyable Douglas A-26B-15 Invader
    A flyable Messerschmitt Me.262A-1
    Ardennes, new large gameplay map
    Single-player campaign for the A-26
    Single-player campaign for the Me.262
    A Luftwaffe Fighter and a US Fighter campaign for the Battle of the Bulge.


    Everything at the previous level, plus:
    A flyable Lockheed P-38J-15
    A flyable de Havilland Mosquito FB.VI
    Single-player campaign for the P-38
    Single-player campaign for the Mosquito


    Everything at the previous level, plus:
    A flyable Boeing B-17
    A flyable Luftwaffe plane (Me 410 A or Ju 88, as voted for by the backers)
    Romania, new large gameplay map
    4 new single-player campaigns for the new aircraft and theaters
    En este projecto esta Eagle Dinamics mas mas RRG Studios con todos los integrantes del antiguo equipo de il2: Oleg Maddox, Ilya Shevchenko e Igor Tishin.

    Imagenes de EDGE en la kickStarted de WW2: 1944

    si esto es lo que yo pienso.... ¿NEVADA?

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    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    LLevan 6 horas y pasan del 12%

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    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    ED Forums - View Single Post - DCS WWII: Europe 1944
    Evening everyone!

    Originally Posted by SiThSpAwN View Post
    Can you clarify the free flyables from the licensed ones, is there going to be free ones (or one like DCS World), it seems a little confusing right now...
    FREE for everyone:

    Paid on release
    P-51 (from DCS World)
    FW-190D (from DCS World)

    If you back at a $20 level, you can pick a P-51 or FW-190D.

    If you back at a $40 level, you will have both.

    If you already own a DCS World P-51 and/or FW-190, then obviously no one wants you to have to pay for anything twice.

    If we reach stretch goals, then the story changes.

    Free aircraft list will most likely not change.

    Backing at $20 still gets you one of the larger variety of paid aircraft.

    $40 or above still gets you ALL of the initial flyables.

    None of the aircraft released in future updates are covered by any of this.

    Originally Posted by Mainstay View Post
    I also want to ask Ilya to reconsider making a G serie along with the K. Either a G6/8 or 10 would be great.
    I like the G. It's just we currently can only make one variant of the 109, and we picked the K as we have the best data on it.
    I don't want to make empty promises or vaguely hint at something, but I really liked having multiple variants of the same plane in my older projects. The overall process is much simpler. Once we have the K, making the various Gs and maybe the F should be comparatively simple.

    Originally Posted by tintifaxl View Post
    Don't know, if it has been posted already, but the 100 USD backing reward states: printed manuals for 2 planes, in the description it is only 1 manual.
    The sidebar description is the most correct.

    Sorry about the confusion. I'm still unable to edit the description, getting the limit reached error. I guess I'll just honor the bigger rewards in every case, and deliver the maximum or the combination of any two tiers with errors in descriptions.

    Originally Posted by zaelu View Post
    I hope the map can be extended a bit more... we are used to 800+km across map .
    We can extend the map to the entire globe, but manually adding detail will be extremely hard to do.

    We can have all of England done for the map in virtually no time, but it'll be a general coastline filled with vague generic field.

    It really makes no sense to spend time making British airfields if you only have AI bombers; a flyable B-17 will obviously need to have a nice-looking airbase to take off from and return to.

    Originally Posted by horseback View Post
    The size of the map is a bit of a disappointment (expectations can be a biotch), but It looks like we'll get a territory reaching approximately from Cherbourg to Le Havre and a good bit south--assuming that my Google Earth distance thingie is accurate. Still, even in 1944, Normandy was a lot 'busier' than the Black Sea area, especially if they have to make time to create new landmarks, vehicles, buildings, ships as well as the aircraft flight models at the level advertised.
    The way I understand EDGE - and I have to mention that there is a chance that I can be wrong here - is that we can take an existing map and just drag out the outer edges and extend it by any number of kilometers.

    Creating generic terrain with a vague coastline and some elevation is not a huge task. Making it look good is. Making it historically accurate, i.e. recreating road networks, landmarks, etc, is a huge huge effort.

    We could take our existing Normandy and tack on England and Paris and Ruhr and Berlin. Theoretically. It's just it'll either take many man-years to polish every square mile, or we'll end up with some empty generic filler across vast areas.

    And THANK YOU to all the backers once again.

    We'll have a new cool video released on Monday morning.

    I'll be around until then to answer questions, so keep them coming!

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    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    ED Forums - View Single Post - DCS WWII: Europe 1944
    Originally Posted by Tvrdi View Post
    Luthier, One crucial question, which will decide me backing or not. Do you plan to make a collision model for trees. If not then ppl would use trees in mp to excape level chases. To hide. Its killing fun and is highly unrealistic. And if we turn off trees terrain will look ugly.
    Let me be perfectly frank here.

    I just cannot promise it at this time. All I can promise is that we will try.

    I may have deja vu after my old project, where we've had quite a few instances of saying "we will do this" instead of a more semantically correct "we will try to do this", and where we eventually ended up not being able to deliver what we promised.

    As it is today, EDGE is still being integrated with the rest of the game. That's precisely what's being done right now, today, having various game objects interact with terrain. Vehicles need to drive, planes need to collide, etc.

    We're obviously extremely interested in having tree collisions. There's no gameplay or realism reason for why it should not be that way. The only reason why trees would not have collisions is performance.

    There are obvious algorithms for making this work. There are also less obvious ones. We need to finish the programming, try things out, and make sure everything works well.

    Need to point out that the people working on this are ED programmers. They're outside my control, and they obviously had absolutely nothing to do with any of my old projects.

    This is why I personally cannot say with 100% certainty we will have tree collisions. My certainty is, let's say, 93.6%. This may be PTSD talking, but I don't think that's good enough for a promise, especially if your pledge depends on it.

    Originally Posted by ishtmail View Post
    As it stands now, there is some confusion.
    One part of the description states that at 100k funding goal we get 5 airplanes (P51D and FW190 included), in another part it states that we get 3 airplanes.
    Five airplanes total, three of them free.

    Originally Posted by Mogster View Post
    I don't really understand the business model at this point.

    Giving 3 free DCS level planes seems a strange choice, unless the idea is to draw punters away from other products the initial release being really a loss leader. DCS isn't known for anything other than jets, the WW2 hardcore may take some drawing away from the IL2 series. Maybe this is Tishin's play for world flight sim domination.
    This decision was based on gameplay considerations, not marketing or sales.

    DCS World is based on decades of content. While there's only one free plane, there's tons and tons of other content that the player encounters, and there's a lot of fun to be had.

    DCS WWII starts from scratch. We can't do all that much in the next year. If we were to release a free version of the game with a single flyable plane, there'd be significantly fewer options for the player.

    We want people to enjoy themselves and really have a good, all-around complete product even in the free version.

    I personally would be very uncomfortable releasing a bare-bones single-flyable free game. We still have to strong paid aircraft in the basic version, and we really hope that the influx will drive enough people to purchase the P-51 and the Dora to keep the series going.

    Originally Posted by Furbs View Post
    1. How will MP work? Coops/servers? how many players in a mission.
    Same as DCS at least, and we're hoping to improve on it as much as we can.

    Like I said in the kickstarter description, we really want to spruce up the MP, but we don't know how much we can do and how fast, so perhaps some major features will be added on later.

    In other words, we have lots of strong opinions and a lot of plans, but it's way too early to talk about them. We'll only know what we can do in the process of doing it.

    Originally Posted by Furbs View Post
    2. How big is the map, ive heard 100/160km but is that just the detailed area with more less detailed map area around that, will there be a English coast?
    100x160 for the detailed terrain, yes.

    This is the current size of our WIP map.

    We can extend it at any time but we have not done so yet.

    I'm personally scared to include England because it really opens up a whole new set of tasks. I am very uncomfortable doing low-quality terrain, especially with all the great things EDGE can do given enough effort. I think we could be shooting ourselves in the foot by releasing low-quality poorly textured inaccurate England with a few major airbases.

    In other words, I'm potentially open to the idea, but perhaps it needs a bigger discussion with the community. We might try to add on some England and show how it can be done quickly, just so it's there, and then ask and see if the majority of the players would rather have something like that, or have nothing at all.

    Originally Posted by Furbs View Post
    3. Can Paypal be added to the ways to pledge?
    Sorry, we can't do anything with the kickstarter system. Whatever it supports, we'll take. Whatever it does not, we can't.

    Originally Posted by xaoslaad View Post
    You need to get some of that first days momentum back!

    It's already looking eerily close to what happened to the F-35A, big contributions on day one and two then a trickle from there on out.
    We do have a few more things up our sleeve. As a matter of fact, even with the slowed down pace the project is doing better daily than we might have hoped for. It's just that the first few hours were so unbelievably strong, that's making the current pace look bad in comparison.

    We really do need to pick up the pace and really get the momentum going again if we really want to hit those stretch goals. A flyable B-17 is my personal dream. There's gotta be a way to get there somehow.

    Originally Posted by -=MadCat=- View Post
    First off, I am curious if the initially provided planes will be at DCS or FC level ?
    I honestly can't see three planes at DCS level given away for free, but I'm asking to make sure.
    Please excuse if this has already been explained, but it is impossible to remember every information in this giant thread.
    Like I said above, this isn't just a kickstarter for the project. The project itself is supposed to kick-start a new WWII flight sim series.

    We want to start it with a bang. So we really are doing three free DCS-quality planes. Yes.

    Originally Posted by -=MadCat=- View Post
    We get the Fw190D-9 as a full price module by ED, matter of fact.
    If stretch goals are met, we then get a Fw190A-5 (I expect it to be a full price module too) by RRG.
    Here, one could still argue those are fundamentally different planes (radial vs inline).

    What if then, later on, it gets decided to do a Fw190A-5 1,65 Ata or any other version, whilst we already have the D-9 and A-5 ? !
    Is this then expected to sell as another full price module too ?
    Same with the various Bf109s and/or Spitfires ?!
    I really hope that you'd trust the guys who give away three DCS-quality planes in order not to nickel and dime everyone not to nicked and dime everyone on another plane

    We want to have a strong series, and we want to build a good relationship with our players. We are not against giving stuff away for free, as you see.

    FW-190A and FW-190D are really very different planes. That's why we are putting them as two separate line items; please not that we have not released even a hint of the pricing structure for anything because we ourselves do not have it set at this time.

    I personally only have a vague idea of some sort of a anthology pack for major aircraft that includes various important variants in a single purchase, with a heavy discount for the owners of the initial single-variant package. But like I said, we are nowhere near far enough in the kickstarter, much less the development process, to really have made any decisions about this.

    Originally Posted by klem View Post
    Why do you want to model individual trees? Why not forest and hedgerow blocks, like single objects? I suppose one answer might be to allow vehicles to travel through forests but are we really interested in that? The Ardennes aside (January 1945) where you could perhaps use trees or clumps of trees, I don't see the need for them in an air combat simulator. Surely the compromise should be in ground vehicle operations rather than flight aspects.
    We'd want to have individual tree collisions because in my experience with my older projects anything less is not precise enough.

    When your wingtip passes through a tree with no effect, or you fly a foot away from a tree and explode, that's horrible. And that's what happens when your collision is too rough.

    If we were to go with blocks of trees, that would really change the look of the terrain. We'd need to have all fields, all roads, all parks, everything, to be a multiple of the standard tree line width. You'd see that right away. The terrain would look horribly blocky, almost Minecraft-like.

    So we really do need to have fine tree collisions for this to work well. They need to match the shape of the tree, otherwise the disconnect is extremely maddening. There's nothing more upsetting than flying in MP, inching closer to the kill at tree-top level, pulling a hard turn around a tree, and exploding even though the tree is over there, just because the collision is a little too coarse.

    Anyway, back to video editing for tomorrow morning!

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    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    WW2 ya supere el 50% (51.354$).

    Nuevo ladrillazo de luthier, en este hay dos cosas interesantes, la primera, que esta pensando mover hacia arriba el B-17 y crear un detallado mapa de las costa sur inglesa (en plan de realizar misiones de bombarderos), y que trae los diferentes nuevos videos que se iran poniendo a lo largo del KickStarter (reconoce que el video tres devería haberlo colocado antes del segundo), aun asi los videos 3 y 4 en mi opinión serán los mas esperados por la comunidad:

    ED Forums - View Single Post - DCS WWII: Europe 1944
    I'm starting to think we might need to shuffle things about a little bit.

    We'll try to change the immediate next stretch goal, and make it a flyable B-17 and British airfields. Move all other stretch goal aircraft one tier up.

    We'll talk this over and have a decision for you within a day or two.

    Also going to work on adding some more attractive backer rewards.

    Oh trust me, I'm very familiar with southern England


    RRG does not currently have a dedicated AI programmer.

    We could theoretically look into hiring one for this project, which would probably give us tons and tons of cool stuff over the course of the project, but I really don't know how to budget for that. We're already pretty far out there for a stretch goal. I'm kind of cautious about adding too many tiers or too many options. If I add, for example, and intermediate "improved AI" stretch goal, all as a part of all additional stretch goals, that might turn off some other people, and make it seem like the aircraft they really want are too far away.

    ED has programmers too, of course. We however do not have a current plan for AI improvement.


    No clue at this point. (a una pregunta si la IA podrá ver a travez de las nubes en EDGE)


    This new video is basically introduction part 2. Nick Grey is a hugely important part of this project, but it felt like putting him in the initial video made everything way too long.

    It's also not about passion but about our relationship with TFC. This has immediate, direct, and unique impact on the product. We have access to the actual aircraft and the actual pilot. That's not sentimentality or small talk at all. These are the precise reasons why DCS: P-51 is the best prop simulation available today.

    I have another talk video all put together, which I foolishly planned to release as video 3, but I realized the error of my ways while uploading video 2 this morning. Video 3 will be a detailed look at EDGE. Video 4 will be a detailed overview of aircraft modeling in DCS. Video 5 will be a video QnA, and then video 6 will probably be the thing I planned for Video 3.

    I also have to point out that it's all just me. I write the scripts, I direct, I shoot, I edit, I release, I discuss. I don't have a marketing staff, anything like that. I'm learning as I go. Hopefully I can do enough to reach at least one stretch goal in the next 30 days. Please don't let the fact that I'm not a marketing professional or a filmmaker influence your opinion of myself as a game developer!

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    24 jun, 13
    Barcelona - Tarragona
    Siendo DCS... promete ser un producto muy bueno

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    Aerotrastorno medular
    06 dic, 07
    VNV, alineado con LEBL
    Genial... Simplemente!

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    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Nuevos Tramos de la KickStarter DCS: World WW2 1944

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    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Tercer video de RRG Studios, mostrando detalles de EDGE en WW2 1944

    ED Forums - View Single Post - DCS WWII: Europe 1944: Kickstarter Video 3: EDGE Terrain Engine
    Hello everyone,

    Many of you have been really waiting for it, so here it is!

    We’re showing the new EDGE landscape engine today, and meeting the people working on it.

    Please keep in mind that the Normandy terrain is in the very earliest stages of development. The terrain engine itself is very mature, but is missing some features needed for a proper WWII simulation. So that’s where we started our terrain design.

    We are using the famous Pointe du Hoc location to test everything we need: bunkers, trenches, and bomb craters. We are doing that with a few simple placeholders and a few low-res textures.

    Our Normandy still needs most of the French 1940s buildings, airfield structures, and proper French countryside textures. All of those, while time consuming, are no-brainers at this point. Making and placing objects, or texturing terrain, are the kind of tasks the team has done before while making landscapes for helicopter and pilot training simulators. Once we have our bunkers and craters done and tested, the rest of the project is rather routine.

    Unfortunately, as the other landscapes done in EDGE were done as commercial projects, we are unable to show any part of that terrain. Normandy is the only thing we can show, and it is clearly nowhere near finished.

    We are also not at the stage where planes can fly over Normandy. We really tried to have a Mustang in a Normandy field today, but ran into some issues, and decided not to delay the video for it. Once we have those tests done, we’ll definitely release those shots.

    With that in mind, here’s the video:
    DCS WWII: Europe 1944: Kickstarter Video 3: EDGE Terrain Engine - YouTube

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    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Traducción del texto aparecido en el video 3 de DCS: World WW2 1994 sobre EDGE (disculpen los fallos de traducción)

    Mi nombre es Alexey, Yo soy el director de arte aqui, y tambien soy un modelador 3D. Yo por lo general trato con todo lo que hay que hacer en el desarrollo de terreno.

    - Asi que porfavor puedes hablarnos sobre el motor de terreno que vosotros estáis desarrollando.

    Ok, Nosotros tenemos nuestro propio motor gráfico casero callado EDGE.

    - ¿Y qué diferencias tiene este comparado con el antiguo?

    Hay un montón de cambios en el nuevo motor. Nuevos sombreados, nuevos materiales, nueva tecnología. Nuestro nuevo motor esta basicamente escrito completamente desde cero.

    Nosotros hemos considerado los errores del pasado, experiencias pasadas, horarios últimos. El nuevo motor es muy fácil de usar tanto por programadores y diseñadores, por testers, por todo el mundo.

    Esto es una de las mejores cosas sobre el nuevo motor, su facilidad de uso. Adicionalmente, la calidad gráfica yo diría que es diez veces mejor que antes. Nosotros tenemos nuevas texturas, hierba, los objetos son dibujados a mayores distancias.

    - De acuerdo. Y yo se que tu no solo estas usando EDGE para juegos de PC, pero tu tambien estas trabajando en simuladores de vuelo comerciales para pilotos reales.

    Correcto. Nuestro motor es usado activamente en simuladores de entrenamiento, aviación civil, y entrenadores de helicópteros. Nosotros estamos creando tres terrenos para esto, por lo que desarrollamos nuestro motor tanto para los pilotos reales y para los requisitos de juegos.

    Nosotros tenemos un montón de requerimientos de nuestros usuarios, especialmente la calidad de los aeropuertos y el nivel de detalle. No sola ha ser muy alta calidad, alto nivel de detalle de la imagen, del paisaje, de todos los objetos. los requisitos de distancia de la visión de nuestro terreno, requerimientos para los pequeños detalles, la altura de la hierba, el tamaño correcto de los bloques de hormigón en pista, que es realmente importante para los pilotos en los despegues y aterrizajes, o en tiempo malo. Ellos ponen atención en estas cosas.

    - ¿Y cual es estado actual del motor?

    Estado de Testeo. Nosotros estamos en este momento desarrollando tres terrenos con éxito, y estamos continuamente moviéndose hacia delantes. Cuando nosotros tomamos un nuevo proyecto y nosotros necesitamos alguna nueva tecnología para esto. nosotros la desarrollamos, la testeamos y la ponemos en el.

    - Estupendo, ¿Y que puede decir de las dificultades?, ¿Cuales son las cosas nuevas que se están haciendo pare el terreno de normandía de 1944?

    Normandía es muy excitante para nosotros. Nosotros estamos intentando dar el 100%. Nosotros estamos intentando capturar la atmósfera de tiempos de guerra de ese periodo. Ruinas, edificios, ciudades y villas destruidas, fuego y humo. Nosotros queremos sumergir al usuario en ese tiempo, para asegurarle que él se sumerja en el terreno y pase mucho tiempo con el. Vamos a tomar mucho tiempo en recrear áreas importantes, los bordes de los acantilados, chateaus, y campos de batalla importantes. Nosotros vamos a poner todo esto en áreas altamente detalladas. Nosotros estamos recreando la red de carreteras, también, nosotros estamos intentando recrear toda la vegetación de ese momento.

    - Así, tiene el encanto de 1940 campo francés, junto con todos los horrores de la guerra.

    si, correcto. La versión actual del motor permite hacer todo eso. hay que añadir una serie de características, pero en general creo que todo esto nos instalemos en el camino y nuestro equipo se encargará de ello a su debido tiempo.

    - Magnifico, bien, muchas gracias a ti, un verdadero placer.


    - Por favor, háblanos de lo que haces y que es lo que tu estas haciendo específicamente para el proyecto.

    Yo diseño y desarrollo el terreno para el motor EDGE. Tengo que ver con todo lo que tiene qer ver con el terreno y con todos los otros componentes. Todo lo que se necesite para el terreno.

    - Y tu tienes que cambiar este para Normandia 1944, tu debes ser el diseñador líder del este terreno y de cualquier otro terreno que nosotros podamos añadir después.


    - Por favor, háblanos algo sobre los detalles de desarrollar un terreno de la segunda guerra mundial.

    Una cosa interesante para mi ahora es el desarrolle de una representación realista del terreno. Para mostrar la atmósfera, para ver el terreno tal como lo veríamos basado en algunas fotografías o películas.

    Esto sería realmente fácil de ver tal como lo vemos ahora. Nosotros tenemos satélites, vistas de carreteras, pero si nosotros volvemos en el tiempo y creamos algo del pasado, para mi, es realmente excitante.

    - Nosotros hemos hablado sobre hacer algo que hasta ahora no se ha hecho realmente en simulación antes. Nosotros vamos a intentar hacer un terreno no sólo realista, sino también excitante de volar sobre el.

    Si, esto es correcto, Nosotros vamos a tener varias capacidades como calles lo suficiente anchas para que el avión pueda volar a través de ellas, interiores de túneles en los que podría intentar maniobrar, puentes de ferrocarril en que puedes volar a través de ellos, grandes arcos, básicamente , varios elementos del terrenos que te pueden ayudar a vosotros en la batalla.

    - Correcto, Básicamente nosotros podremos intentar dar a los jugadores algo excitante que hacer mientras están a nivel de los árboles, algún tipo adicional de actividad. Muy bien, ahora por favor, hablamos sobre tu aproximación general, sobre el motor EDGE. Que involucra el desarrollo de un buen terreno realista?

    Bien, si nosotros estamos hablando sobre EDGE, este esta siendo desarrollado desde hace tiempo. La idea general apareción hace mucho tiempo. Nosotros teníamos unas cuantas opciones, y el motor que tenemos está ya maduro después de muchos cambios. Nosotros estamos en la versión 4. así que la idea general es que el paisaje debe verse bien también ha cambiado desde el punto de vista de un piloto, desde el punto de vista de la aviación. sai, la versión que tenemos en este momento es mas realista, mas buena en este aspecto, ya que permite crear terrenos, edificios y ambientes detallados y bien diseñados.

    - Por eso, el motor esta siendo usado para entrenamiento de pilotos. Este es usado in simuladores reales para pilotos reales, esto ya viene con el sentido perfectamente afinado de la altitud, la escala, la noción de los elementos del terreno como la hierba. La sensación de volar está diseñada para ser lo mas cercano a la realidad como sea posible.

    Si exactamente, cuando nosotros hemos construido simuladores de entrenamiento, esto lo hacemos exactamente como se debe hacer, la sensación visual de escala, altitud, velocidad. La inmersión que tienen los pilotos reales. la sensación de volar. que fue el primariamente, el requerimiento principal.

    - bien

    Y nosotros estamos seguros que es este mismo requerimiento sea la piedra angular del juego tambien. esperamos que los gamers tambien sientan esto en realidad. Tan real como sea posible.

    - Maravilloso. Entonces, ¿unas últimas palabras?

    Si. Yo era muy escéptico cuando ohi sobre esta maravillosas idea. Tan pronto como y ohi sobre normandía, Yo salte dentro, ofreciendo ayudar a tus chicos, yo pienso que nosotros vamos a conseguir trabajar juntos y nosotros vamos a hacer un gran producto. Yo pienso que los fans estarán agradecidos.

    Muy bien. Yo espero vernos trabajanado juntos durante mucho tiempo y nosotros podremos venros unos a otros en los cielos.



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  5. Desinstalar UT Europe
    Por makiaji en el foro Simulación
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    Último Mensaje: 05/01/2008, 09:55

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