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    IRIS general

    Nuevo comunicado de IRIS Facebook:
    - DCS Update - 9th August 2013

    It's been a productive few months on the DCS side, slow but steady coding for the most part between other commitments. The news though is positive.

    Over the last year we've been working hard to learn new skills in terms of DCS development. We admit that coming from another platform, it's been hard work learning not just how the DCS environment works, but also how to code, model and work behind the scenes with a brand new product platform.

    However, we haven't taken the journey alone, we've been surrounded by support from the ED Team, always there when we need them, and the valued advice from many other 3rd party developers.

    We have though, we feel, reached the end of the journey as far as experiments on the BD-5 testbed is concerned. We've determined a number of things on what to do and more importantly, what not to do whilst working on the aircraft. We feel it's time to put that item to bed and focus on one of our core DCS products.

    Whilst many of you have seen images of the F-22 & F-14 in DCS in the past, we're in final discussions on which airframe will be the focus for the DCS development team moving forward.

    We'll also be advising those interested in developing with us via email in the next few days. Many appplied for beta positions and only a small few were accepted, we'll be expanding that next week and inviting more people to join the dev team whilst keeping it small enough to manage effectively.

    We have a wide variety of new positions opening up for this development which we're interviewing for. If you feel you can bring something to the team, I invite you to send a message to us via the 'Contact Us' tab under the IRIS banner at the top of the page.

    I look forward to bringing together a bright group of like minded people for this new endeavour!

    Va ha haber un Q&A para los que deseen con el equipo de IRIS
    ED Forums - View Single Post - Spanky From IRIS Simulation Q&A today on teamspeak
    Spanky from IRIS Simulations will be doing a Q&A on IRIS teamspeak at 9pm onwards (AEST)

    Feel free to join

    Teamspeak details are as follows
    Server IP: ts36.gamespeak.com:9321
    No password

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    IRIS vuelve a la palestra con un comunicado:

    DCS: World and IRIS.... | Notices | Community Forum » IRIS Flight Simulation Software
    There has been a number of topics posted here and there about IRIS and our work on the DCS: World platform over the last year or so, some truthful, and some that I've seen from community members which borders on outright misinformation.
    So I thought it prudent to clarify a few things 'from the horses mouth' so to speak.
    Are you still developing aircraft x/y/z for DCS?
    Yes, a resounding yes. Unless you hear something to the contrary from myself directly or The Fighter Collection, we are 100% invested in DCS: World as a simulation platform.
    Why do I see lots of FSX and Prepar3D content and nothing for DCS?
    Quite simply because we do more work in our FSX line than we do on DCS. Our developments for FSX and Prepar3D pay the monthly bills and keep the business running. Without that income, we would not be able to fund development on the DCS platform. This situation was outlined to The Fighter Collection right from the outset and was a condition of our development for the platform.
    Why aren't you showing a/b/c plane any more
    During development, Eagle Dynamics have worked hard with the 3rd Party Developers and are constantly changing and updating the core platform to best suit the needs of customers and 3rd party developers. Sometimes these changes result in us having to re-evaluate our product plans and subject matter. In all honesty, sometimes during the development cycle, we realise that we've picked up a subject matter we just don't have the technical expertise to complete at that time.
    It's been x months and you've got nothing to show
    Yes, often that's true. This is either due to the fact that we have to periodically shift focus onto other platforms for internal reasons or sometimes it's just that we have nothing new to show off. The DCS workload is a significant increase than what we're used to in other platforms. It's a steep learning curve for us, and well, sometimes that just means things are slow.
    What happened to the BD-5J, will you still release that?
    The BD-5J reached a certain point and we felt that our time was better spent working on other airframes instead. I had investigated the option of releasing what we had free to the market, but after discussing with the team, we felt that the quality of a proof of concept aircraft such as the BD-5 would be counter productive.
    How's things going with the T-38C?
    The principle modeler of the T-38C has taken a leave of absence to concentrate on furthering his education, something we are 100% behind. Until he returns, the T-38C will remain on hold, however we do have another project lined up for the DCS platform.
    What is it?!?
    Learning from previous mistakes of being a little over-enthusiastic in our announcements, we're not saying currently. We will of course work in the background as we have done for many months now, taking what we've learned and applying it to what we're currently working on.
    Rest assured that when the time is right, we'll be sure to let you all know!
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