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    RAZBAM: T-6 Texan II

    He movido la noticia a este post, para tenerlo un poco mas ordenado

    T-6 Texan II añadido a la lista de RAZBAM
    ED Forums - View Single Post - Interesting RAZBAM news
    Guys, there are no civilian aircraft in the pipeline, and least not from us, Jose is doing some civilian aircraft for our FSX production line. He is jumping into DCS with a T-6 Texan II trainer.Jose will create the mesh and all what´s involved with it and our coding team will put it into DCS.This development will be done at Jose´s own pace and you´ll see updates as soon as he gets stuff done.Why a T-6 Texan II you´ll say?, well since we are doing to the Navy a T-2 for carrier ops (and learning the ropes into DCS development) we are using the Texan II to the very same purpose to the USAF/Other Air Forces and at the same time to learn more into MFD´s development in DCS, which will lead us to higher performance aircraft, like the F-15E and Harrier and such.It´s all a learning process, we are taking advantage of what we have done already, and we want a steady flow.BTW, questions regarding this model should be directed towards joanvalley (Jose Valdez) which is very eager to answer them.He is project creator and also it´s manager.
    Best regards

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    So, keeping on showcasing Jose´s work, his 1st project into DCS is going to be...



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