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    Comandante troll
    25 dic, 10

    Wilco se une con Dassault. Primer modelo, Falcon 7X

    Esperemos que salga algo decente tipo 737 clásico...

    Wilco Publishing is excited to announce today an official partnership with Dassault Aviation to design aircraft add-ons for PC-based flight simulators, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D.

    The first to be released is the Falcon 7X, Dassault’s benchmark for the 21st century business jet.
    With unrivalled experience, technological strengths and military knowledge, Dassault Aviation built the Falcon 7X, a vision for the future. With an all-glass integrated flight deck, Wilco Publishing’s 7X will feature an incredible aircraft model, with superb interior and exterior details. Even the individual rivets and screws are modelled in 3D.

    With authentic flight dynamics, a real audio experience and a Fly-By-Wire technology to connect the pilot to the flight controls, Wilco Publishing and its skilled development team will make the Falcon 7X a pure excitement in the virtual skies.

    Falcon 7X will be part of the brand new Wilco’s HIFI Simulations series !
    High Definition all the way from incredible model detail to maxed-out textures. More cockpit functions than ever before. Super detailed cabins, cockpits and exteriors.

    Wilco Publishing has released some of the best and most recognized add-ons for Microsoft's Flight Simulator franchise, including Airbus Series, 737 Pilot in Command, CRJ NextGen, E-Jets Series, and PC-based simulators such as Tower Simulator or Hangsim, the first hand-gliding simulation.
    Wilco’s titles have received worldwide awards for e.g. Best Aircraft and Best Panel.

    Wilco takes its name from the aeronautical abbreviation "Will Comply".
    Wilco Publishing has office in Brussels, Belgium, and serve customers worldwide direct through its website or dealer network.

    Founded in 1997, Wilco Publishing can be reached at Wilco Publishing - Publisher of quality simulation software and add-ons.

    Today’s Falcon jets are designed and manufactured alongside Dassault Aviation’s fighter aircraft.

    The Falcon family of jets encompasses five aircraft, all positioned at the top end of the business jet market.
    These versatile, high-performance jets can satisfy the broadest spectrum of business flying needs, from small-airport operations to long international flights.

    More than 2250 Falcon have been delivered worldwide.

    Designed with the finest technology available, the 5,950 nm Falcon 7X delivers new standards of performance, comfort and safety. It inherits efficiency and exceptional handling qualities from the Falcon tradition and benefits from the advanced technology of the Rafale fighter jet.

    For more on Dassault Aviation and current details on the Falcon 7X aircraft please visit Dassault Aviation | and Dassault Falcon.
    "The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul..." Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh

    Mis repaints y merges

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    31 ene, 11
    Seria una noticia genial...pero soy escéptico con los de Wilco.

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    Canarión moreno
    23 nov, 11
    Sur de Gran Canaria
    A ver si ese Dassault 7X tendrá la forma de un Dassault 7X...

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    ▀ ▄▀ ▄▀ ▄▀ ▄▀ ▄▀ ▄▀
    29 ago, 11
    en las cloacas del cielo, en los prados del subsuelo
    AN2,DASH8... y ahora este... quiero fsx
    Esta historia que pudo ser verdad, parece una mentira, la vamos a contar...

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    Last of Time Lords
    30 ago, 12
    En un lugar en el que no querría vivir
    Yo quiero P3D 2.0!!! xD
    Lástima que ella no pueda vivir pero, ¿quien vive?

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    10 ago, 12
    Jou!! Y por qué no lo sacan también para FS9? Los que hemos de mantener lo clásico (que no antiguo) también les puede gustar el 7X... Yo soy uno de ellos, es más, la mayoría de vuelos que hago son con un Falcon 7X freeware jejejeje.



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