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    Usuario Foroaviones
    11 ene, 08

    OJO FSUIPC debe ser actualizado por brecha de seguridad !!!

    Parece que lo han crackeado y necesita actualización.

    FSUIPC will need replacing on all user systems! - FSUIPC Support Pete Dowson Modules - The simFlight Network Forums

    FSUIPC will need replacing on all user systems!

    For the last ten years FSUIPC has been protected against both unwanted alteration and virus infection by the use of a Code Signature, purchased from and protected by GlobalSign, an officially recognised Windows Certificate Authority.

    It has come to my attention that within the last two weeks the same Code Signature has been used to sign malicious software, apparently in the form of Java updates, to make it look valid and safe. Whilst the FSUIPC packages themselves are not affected in any way by these, it does mean that we have had to ask GlobalSign to revoke the signature. This in turn will cause the signature to appear incorrect, and because FSUIPC actively checks it every time it is started the end result is that all versions of FSUIPC3 and FSUIPC4 before today's date will cease to function.

    After due consideration it has been decided that we will dispense with Code Signing henceforth, and over the next few days unsigned versions of all of my programs will be released, replacing the signed versions and with incremented version numbers, but with no other changes.

    Because only FSUIPC has the Signature self-checking built in, it is the main priority, and versions 4.90 and 3.999z2 have been released today free of this check. All users will need to update for continued use of the program, and software producers who include FSUIPC in their packages are asked to update those as soon as is convenient and practical.

    Apologies to all for this unprecedented event. We still don't know how the break in the signature's security occurred but we will be following this up with GlobalSign.

    Best Regards

    ¿Fumas, cariño? Ummmh... Pincha en mi imagen mi amor...

    Keep fucking that chicken !!

    I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Flying planes on harmony. I watched Airbuses landing on water. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. It’s time to fly.


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    Usuario Foroaviones
    31 jul, 12
    Luego luego de virando en Plaza y 05R a la vista (Usando la STAR 05-L-XOCHIMOCOS)
    Es grave... pero me parece más preocupante que si hace 2 años hicieron un pwneo mitico a Comodo&Globalsign con el tema de los certificados... es que no los hayan revocado antes Pete&cia
    A actualizar se ha dicho!



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