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    09 abr, 13
    Actualizado, la gente sigue poniendolo por las nubes a pesar de algun que otro bug

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    21 abr, 13
    ¿Alguien sabe si han sacado ya el smart copilot para este trasto? O es un apaño para el momento, por que he estado viendo algun video en el que lo usan..


    ED: ya he encontrado la config para el smartcopilot en el foro de xaviation.
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    21 abr, 13
    Nueva actualización

    Version 1.0.4 introduces the following fixes:

    Ability to save routes. RTE page 1 whenever the following exists: 1.) departure airport, arrival airport, at least one enroute waypoint
    Multiple fixes for LNAV routing
    Reduced ‘bends’ in short legs
    Fixed several route “kinks”
    AirFMC now supported (requires v1.3.1 of iOS app and v4.5.1 of the X-Plane plugin)
    Flight recorder switch cover moves switch back to normal
    Several fixes for various soft crash issues
    Cabin control initialized to 24000 for all situations
    Engine driven Hydraulic pump switches initialize to ON
    Various fixes for the sound engine / sounds
    IDENT page shows correct AIRAC dates
    Cruise page formatting fixes
    Fix for refueling of center tank with engines/APU off
    Pressing TAKEOFF> prompt on some pages doesn’t go to the CLIMB page now
    Gyro sound spins down properly now after shutting off battery
    Consistent fuel values on aircraft load now
    Auto brake DISARM light illuminates when auto brake disengages during RTO
    Fire bell sound fix
    Fix for startup engine sounds playing sometime when they shouldn’t
    Gross Weight updating on the approach page now
    CG can be set on TAKEOFF page to calculate takeoff trim



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