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    28 jun, 07
    Bokeronland (LEMG)

    Aerosoft compra SimWare

    ...mas bien compró, la noticia es de finales de septiembre (aunque aun sigue activa la web de SimWare),

    Aerosoft have today announced that they have completed the purchase of Brussels-based SimWare SPRL.
    As part of the Press Release issued today, Fred Goldman, ex-head of SimWare Simulations, stated that he wishes to focus his time on Wilco Publishing, which he founded in 1997, while now acting CEO of SimWare Sascha Baumhoer says that he believes the two companies’ complementary markets will make them fit together very well and Aerosoft CEO Winfried Diekmann says that he believes the change in ownership will be an advantage for all fans of realistic simulation.

    Fuente y nota de prensa (alemán): SimFlight.com
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