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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Belsimtek siempre ha puesto un muro de silencio en sus desarrollos y nunca ha puesto fechas, alguna imagen hay en los foros, pero poco mas, seguimos a la espera hasta que nos pongan el "official release".

    Mientras, nuevo detallado en cabina del I-16 Type 24 de Octopus-G. Ademas, ponen como fecha tentativa de salida, Verano 2016

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Noticia de Wags, con la proxima salida del Oculus Rift y el Vive HTC, ED ya dispone de los kits de prensa del CV1 (oculus) y el vive (HTC), por lo que están trabajando en la integración dentro de DCS: World. Ademas, la semana pasada, integraron el puntero laser, para que interactue con los controles de la cabina (botones, palancas, etc). Se espera mas noticias al respecto en el futuro.

    VR Update - March 2016 - ED Forums
    Dear all,

    As both the Rift and Vive near release, we continue improving VR support. We have both CV1 and Vive Pre kits and we are doing our best to create a great VR experience in DCS.

    Last week in fact we added the "laser pointer" mouse to interact with cockpits. When the pointer is over a cockpit interaction element, it will turn green. We also greatly improved the presentation of the menu UI to make it look nicer and more readable. We are also now using Rift release code 1.XX.

    There are still a few areas we want to improve, but overall, I think y'all will will have a great time with it. We see VR as seastate change for seated simulation. I do all my DCS "fun time" in VR now. Be it Rift or Vive, both will provide a very immersive experience.


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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Update de marzo de VEAO. ED sigue probando el EFM del Hawk, Changelog preliminar del update del Hawk para marzo, esperan sacar el P-40F a finales de abril, y recopilación de como van otros de los proyectos de VEAO.

    Development Update March 2016 - ED Forums
    Hi Guys,
    I know you have been anxious for the March update but I wanted to have a few team meetings to clarify where we're at with development on all projects.

    I'm going to post the pre-lim change log for Hawk (which is subject to last minute changes), a quick update on P-40 and other projects in summary.

    Right now the coding team are 100% focused on Hawk and getting the big patch out to you.
    This has allowed our internal development testers to really put the P-40 EFM through it's paces after the recent issues we've had with DCS 1.5 and 2.0 and so far so good.
    The aim is by next week the coders can switch back to P-40 to get things finalised with the ASM/EFM interface and we are aiming to release end of April, all being well.

    Hawk EFM is with the ED testers for feedback which we achieved at the end of Feb as I mentioned in last months update.

    You've recently seen on our Facebook page that Rob posted up some skin shots of our Spitfire Mk. XIV. When we are closer to release on that I'll talk to ED about a co-ordinated release date as not to clash with their Mk. IX

    Typhoon is still pushing forward on development as is Wildcat, Sea Fury, Buchon, Meteor and Vampire.
    Bearcat is undergoing a make over of it's model by another artist and will join in the dev cycle when the model is complete.

    So, let's focus now on Hawk.
    As I said just now we achieved the goal of delivering the EFM and updates to ED testers by the end of Feb. With their feedback and that of our own internal testers, and that of the pilots, tweaks have been made and in my view the EFM is now complete.
    The coding team, including myself, are busy making the final last minute ASM changes ready for the big update.

    The preliminary changelog below is subject to last minute changes, additions and subtractions depending on any issues that arise in the next week during testing.
    My aim is to have these updates in the next big patches for 1.5 and 2.0 from ED (I don't have dates for these yet before you ask).

    Hawk Change List March 2016
    EFM fully integrated.
    Set wheel brake left and right in Axis options - Nose wheel steering has been taken away.
    Toe brakes and rudder pedals animated.
    Parking brake added.
    Trim can be set using keyboard, joystick or using the switches in cockpit.
    Oxygen hypoxia effect now around 33,000ft.
    Anti-skid function added – default is off until entering runway.
    Pitot heat function updated.
    Standby (emergency) brake and flaps functions added.
    Visual and audio buffeting added for stall and over-speed.
    Low level high speed ground effect added.
    EFM damage model implemented; when aircraft section destroyed, flight model is affected.
    When wing section is destroyed weapons will fall and nav light will turn off.
    Aircraft no longer hovers above ground when gears damaged.
    Auto-start sequence (Left Win+Home) updated to remove rotation light.
    Auto-stop sequence (Left Win+End) updated.
    Updated cockpit textures High/Medium/Low. Set your preferred level in Options, Special, Hawk tab. 4096, 2048 and 1024 versions included.
    UHF and AM radios now fully functional with other units and ATC.
    New cockpit sounds.
    New engine sounds.
    Additional bugs no doubt introduced.
    Controls indicator added.
    Weapons selector (B/PB/RP) fixed.
    Aden gun pod added, UPK removed.
    F2 view; flaps and RPM indicator now working.
    Airbrake test switch now working.
    Air start option – Weapons now armed. If missiles are on the wing, missile panel will be hot and ready to fire.
    Sidewinder tone for seek and lock now working.
    Kneeboard joystick assignment for mark position and page changes fixed.
    Det cord showing inside canopy now removed.
    Training Start-up mission changed for EFM functions.
    Training missions added (voice to come later) – taxi, take-off, circuit and navigation.
    Safety pins removed by default.
    Backlighting on main panel altered.
    Aim-9M LAU-7 pylon added.

    There are still other things being worked on right now which may make it into the change log or may not make it in time for the patch.
    They will be worked on even after the patch so keep an eye out for patch notes and future monthly updates.

    I have decided not to come out of Beta stage until you, the public, have flown and given feedback on anything we may have missed or isn't quite working right.

    I'd like to thank you for your patience in waiting for these updates and hope you like flying the Hawk as much as we do with these changes.

    Chris and the team.

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Leatherneck busca imagenes de alta resolución de los portaviones de la clase Forrestal, y a ser posible imagenes detalladas del hangar, la isla y la cubierta de vuelo. ¿Tal ver para el F-14 o futuro "carrier module" como el CVN-70 / Kutnesov de ED?

    ED Forums - View Single Post - RFI on Forrestal Class
    Dear All,

    We're looking for any high resolution photos of any of the Forrestal class carriers.

    Primary areas of interest are images of the island, hangar deck and flight deck. The more and the higher the res the better! Any era or ship of the class is fine.

    Many thanks in advance for any help!

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Sa-342 Polychop nuevo video. Cannon race

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    DCS: World 1.5.3 Update 2 (Beta) disponible:

    ED Forums - View Single Post - DCS World 1.5 Changelog and Updates
    DCS 1.5.3 Update 2 today

    A-10C BFT Campaign will be available

    DCS World
    Game will be able re-save older mission files correctly
    MP. Double ejecting of net-phantom pilot is eliminated

    DCS F-86F
    Mach number indicator needle smooth movement
    Tooltips corrected
    Input commands of sight ranging corrected
    G-LIMIT LIGHT indicator corrected

    DCS MiG-15bis
    Mach number indicator needle smooth movement
    Added padlock

    DCS Ka-50
    The overcast clouds will not be rendered in ABRIS

    DCS C-101EB
    Autostart/Autostop sequences added
    ES and CN localization updates, mainly regarding autostart/autostop sequences
    Fixed pilot body drawing and helmet animation
    Rear pilot’s head is now visible from cockpit view
    Front pilot left arm (throttle animation) added in outside view
    Several 3D and textures corrections in cockpit instruments (altimeter needle, etc)
    New interface background picture added
    Cockpit reflections improved
    Encyclopedia improvements
    Fixed pedals adjustment
    Several mission updates
    Right battery behavior fixed
    Instrument lights fixed (interaction between cockpit flood lights and external model cockpit lights)

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Newsletter 18 Marzo 2016, Salida de la campaña del A-10C Entrenamineto de vuelo basico.
    ED Forums - View Single Post - DCS World Weekend News

    Release of A-10C: Basic Flight Training (BFT) Campaign
    The A-10C Basic Flight Training Qualification campaign puts you in the cockpit of the A-10C Warthog, and it will test your ability to fly the aircraft successfully. Based on real world qualification requirements, you will fly 12 performance check rides to execute against pre-defined performance objectives. If successful, you will earn a “Qualified” rating and proceed to the next performance objective.

    You will be rated on the following areas, and these results will form your final rating:
    General knowledge, airmanship, and safety.
    Pre-takeoff and takeoff.
    Navigation and maneuvers.
    Approach and landing.
    Communications and task prioritization.
    The campaign covers a number of key areas that include Start-Up and Shutdown, Takeoffs and Landings, Traffic Patterns, Basic and Advanced and Aerobatic Maneuvers,Emergencies, Formation Flying, and Instrument Flight Plan Navigation.

    There are over 2,300 voiceovers and over 170 pages of briefing material. This includes the A-10C Amplified Checklist, Maps, Diagrams, and Mission Data cards.

    Purchase from: Campaigns

    Trailer video:

    DCS: A-10C Warthog Bundle Deals
    With the release of the A-10C: BFT campaign, we are offering a bundle deal that includes both DCS: A-10C Warthog and the A-10C: BFT campaign for $44.99 USD.
    A second bundle we are offering is DCS: A-10C Warthog with the DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range map for $59.99.

    These bundle deals will start on 18 March 2016 at 1500 GMT and last until 21 March at 0900 GMT.

    Purchase DCS: A-10C Warthog from: DCS: A-10C Warthog

    Purchase DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range map from:
    DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map

    DCS World 1.5.3 Update 2
    Also on 18 March 2016, we will release the second update to version 1.5.3 of DCS World. Please note 1.5.3 Update 2 is the support for the new A-10C: BFT campaign.

    Changelog: ED Forums - View Single Post - DCS World 1.5 Changelog and Updates

    Have a Warthog weekend!
    The Eagle Dynamics Team

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Desde el Facebook de RAZBAM, han exportado a modelviewer el modelo 3D del tucano (mas de 200000 poligonos)

    Meanwhile in ed modelviewer..

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Arranque del Sa342 Gazelle de Polychop, esto está a mi entender muy cerca

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Mas trabajo de oliver en la cabina de la versión sueca del Bo-105 de Polychop



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