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    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Semi-update del Hawk de VEAO
    ED Forums - View Single Post - January Hawk Update?
    Pete and I are typing up the update for January this week , so don't worry it's coming.

    Hawk certainly has not been forgotten, I've had a few meetings this month with BAE to clarify a few things and get feedback, which is all positive.

    I've also been working on closing out reported bugs, radios, etc...

    The real pilots have until the end of this month to give us the feedback, plus Jav and I are concentrated on the next few weeks comparing our current EFM to the performance data we have recently obtained through our sources.

    EFM programming updating, based on all feedback, is scheduled for February which should be fairly simple tweaks as the current EFM is very close. But as with all things DCS integration we'll see.
    Our aim is to have it to our testers and to ED for final sign off by the end of February.
    Then it's down to ED to include it in the patch.

    We have tweaked the hydraulics to hopefully assist the X-55 users and will await their feedback when it's out for testing.

    Also the cockpit textures are coming along nicely. I have the first pass from the artist and I think you won't be disappointed. Still some tweaks to do but it's looking great so far (no I won't be showing this off). Again I'm aiming to have these within the patch with the EFM, all going well.

    Custom weapons are taking a little longer to integrate for various reasons I can't discuss right now, but they are also being worked on.

    I have recently clarified with the techs and written the full UHF and AM radio procedure for our programmer which is being worked on. Right now in-sim you can use the radio to talk to the ground crew in case you missed that update in the last 1.5 and 2.0 patch. That was a big first step.
    I understand all 3rd party's had issues with radios so it's good to know it wasn't just us going crazy.
    Again these are not easy things to get working, but we are working on it and I hope they'll be done ready for the next big patch with textures and EFM.

    Considerable time, resources and funds have been allocated to Hawk to get completed (out of Beta) and it is certainly not "dead" so please don't start spreading that rumour around or speculating that.

    Things take time guys and we're going as fast as we can to get it right and realistic as possible within the boundaries we have been given.

    When the top Military advisor for Sims for BaE Systems, two weeks ago, says it's "Outstanding!!" then I believe we have done a good job.
    And yes he was flying the EFM.
    And for anyone wishing to argue, he is an ex Hawk, Harrier and Tornado pilot, so....

    Pretty much this is the update that will be in the monthly text and hopefully it keeps you happy, not as happy as having the updates I know, but hopefully another step closer.

    Oh, one thing I want to mention after reading again another slagging off of myself and my team on Reddit; we are not "hiding" behind ED forums which are moderated.
    If anyone wants to challenge me or simply to discuss things then all they have to do it contact me directly and I'll gladly talk to them.
    However; I will defend the decisions I make, what we are doing as a business and my team so be prepared for an argument!!

    Y el update de enero por VEAO

    Development Update January 2016 - ED Forums
    Hey Guys,
    First update of the new year and wow what a ride 2015 has been!!

    As you know 2015 saw a lot of challenges for VEAO; we said goodbye to some old friends within the team for various reasons and said hello to some new friends too.
    Such is the life of software development, especially when people are generally doing this in their spare time. Life gets in the way sometimes.

    I feel we have come out of it better as a team and we now have a really solid core of developers in each discipline of developing for DCS.

    We have learnt a lot of lessons, especially with the big update with DCS 1.5 and 2.0 and the new functionality that has brought.
    It gave us a whole set of fresh new challenges but we have overcome them, and found some new ones along the way. Again such is the life of development.

    We had three main air shows along with our friends at TFC in Duxford last year and are looking forward to three more this year with them, with hopefully some sneak peaks, early access and the usual you expect from us at Duxford.

    We currently have over 30 developers each working on their discipline for developing for DCS, these being:
    ASM programmers
    EFM programmers
    Digital display programmers
    3D model artists
    Texture artists
    Animation artists
    Sound engineer
    Tireless researcher
    Project managers
    And of course myself

    Each person works on multiple projects; however throwing more people at one specific problem does not always speed up development. Yes many heads are better than one and all ideas are good ideas but each aircraft has it's own unique challenges to overcome and a lead person in their discipline has to have control, with overall project management keeping it all together.
    That is good software development project management and DCS is no different.

    So, what does it take to make a module for DCS, well let me enlighten you...
    First we have a 3D model of the exterior and cockpit developed.
    This is generally done by one person and is better to keep it to one rather than many.

    Then the exterior has to be textured along with the cockpit. This is done normally by two different artists.
    External model "painting" is vastly different to cockpit texturing and our team have learnt some great tricks over the past several months to get the best out of DCS 1.5/2.0 and it's new graphics engine, using tools like the Quixel suite and other applications.

    During the texturing stage the animations team will work with the 3D artist to get all control surfaces on the exterior animated and then move onto the cockpit switches, dials, buttons and gauges.
    This sometimes throws up a conflict that the 3D artist didn't pick up, like landing gear intersecting with the wing as an example. So these two teams along with the texture artist communicate almost hourly or daily so they are all working in unison.

    Once the basic textures and animations are complete it gets handed off to the ASM and EFM team and the digital displays team if the aircraft has requirement for it.
    They integrate all of the cockpit functionality and flight model functionality. Sounds easy but it's really not.

    Now back in 2014 Pete and I discussed having "templates" for ASM and EFM and these have been coded during 2015 (with more due in 2016) ready to "drop-in" to each aircraft. This saves a lot of development time as most aircraft have the same functionality; altimeter, air-speed, lift, drag, acceleration, Etc.
    This means that during 2016 and beyond we can build up a library of templates that can be used for all aircraft in our development schedule; single engine non-afterburning jets, Radial engine, Merlin engine, twin afterburning jets, Etc.
    Each aircraft is then tweaked to be specific to it's performance curves and cockpit functionality and then handed over to real life pilots that fly them for feedback.

    Our sound engineer, during the development process, will go out and record as many sounds for the specific aircraft as they can. This isn't always easy as you have to fit in around maintenance schedules, military access and a whole host of other challenges to record clicks, whistles and whooshes. Simply pointing a microphone at an overflying aircraft won't do.

    Our tireless researcher Dom trawls the Internet, goes to museums and generally makes himself a pain-in-the-arse to collectors to gather as much information as possible on an aircraft.
    This could also be talking to pilots, tech engineers and the owners themselves.
    Yes we want our modules to be as realistic as possible and all of this will help us to do that.

    We have three main project managers right now; Pete of course working on all spinney prop things and the older jets, me on Hawk and Typhoon and Mike on military projects.
    There are sometimes cross overs on military and consumer projects like Hawk and Typhoon where both Mike and I will work on both and I leave Pete to handle the main consumer projects.
    Of course Pete and I talk continuously throughout the day, more than to my girlfriend much to her dismay sometimes...

    Touching on the military stuff, the business is split into two arms; consumer and military.
    Consumer is you guys, the DCS community, and the "public" side of module development and military is, well what it says, military projects.
    We work with defence and aviation companies, consultants and manufacturers on a vast array of projects, which some benefit you, like Hawk and Typhoon and of course I can't go into detail about what we do for them but during 2016 that will take up most of my time, along with completing Hawk and Typhoon development for you guys.

    Typical development of a module is roughly 12 months from conception to first pass flying in-sim depending on the complexity of the aircraft and it's systems. Something like Typhoon obviously takes longer due to it's digital nature and getting access to tech manuals, aircraft themselves, Etc.

    I think it's been said somewhere before but each aircraft costs roughly £100,000 to develop, more for the complex ones like Typhoon.
    Now that's a lot of sales we need to make just to break even right.
    So, we very carefully consider a number of things when deciding which aircraft to develop and our roadmap is very specific for a reason.
    We also talk a lot with other 3rd party developers, TFC and ED about what we're doing and for the good of DCS itself which also has an impact on what gets developed.
    Also we talk to manufacturers about we can do and can't do. This has a big impact on choosing aircraft.

    Sometimes you may think "why are you doing that one..." or "why don't you do this one..." and hopefully this will give you a glimpse into why.

    At the end of the day every person on our team has a passion for developing for DCS. We all love flying in DCS and we do value your opinion, our customers.

    Ok, so for a general update...
    I'm not going to do a specific plane update for each one but instead give you a summary of where we are at in general and my plans for the business in 2016.

    We are currently in contract to develop the following aircraft:
    Spitfire Mk. XIV
    Vampire FB5
    Meteor F3

    We are also quite far in development on two more, the Wildcat and SeaFury.
    Due to the delays on Bearcat we are aiming to replace this with the Wildcat whilst it gets re-developed.

    Most of these modules are slated for release during 2016 and 2017 and once we have a few of them out Pete and I will discuss what comes next and we'll talk to people and secure contracts.

    What's changed since the December update, well not much I can post about. The teams are tirelessly working around the clock fixing bugs and developing but also took some time off over Christmas to rest and relax.
    Everyone is back hard at it refreshed for this year.

    P-40 is giving us a major headache. We got the engine working only to have very violent vibrations when sitting in the cockpit and the team are pulling their hair out to figure that one out.
    I decided to take it off of pre-sale on our website due to the delay and I'd like to thank everyone that bought the pre-sale. We'll get it to you as soon as we possibly can. No one wants to get it out to you more than Pete and I.
    When we're confident it's very close to release and stable in DCS 1.5/2.0 (like we were last year in 1.2.16) I'll put it back on pre-order.

    My aim is to have Hawk EFM, cockpit re-texture, working radios, custom weapons and bug fixes all complete by the end of February taking it out of Beta and into release during March.
    That's my aim at least and the Hawk team will do everything possible to make this happen.

    I'll update you more in February on both of those projects.

    All the rest are in various stages of development that I've talked about above, but the focus for the entire management team right now is Hawk and P-40, rest assured.

    Thank you once again for you support, patience and most of all your belief in us as a 3rd party developer for DCS and we look forward to a great 2016 for DCS!!

    Chris, Pete and the entire VEAO family.

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    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    DCS: World Update 2 disponible

    ED Forums - View Single Post - DCS World 1.5 Changelog and Updates
    DCS Update 2

    DCS World
    MP. Multiplayer protocol was changed. Current version is not compatible with old ones.
    MP. Fixed bug with invisible servers in the MP lobby.
    Encyclopedia. New entries added. French, Chinese, Russian localisation corrected.
    Export API is now registered as Export.* in the GUI state, fixed the documentation.
    CN localization - A-10C and Ka-50 single missions added.
    RU localization update.
    CN S-300PS 54K6 cp added to the available unit list.
    CN Il-78, An-30 added in the Chinese unit list.
    CN Il-76/78 Chinese liveries added/updated.
    Korean language support added.
    Russian installation guide updated / Russian images added
    Mission Generator. Fixed error that occurred with attempt to move of blue node.
    AI helicopter behavior in the RTB or Bingo task is corrected.
    The triggers “object in zone", "object out of zone” will be working correctly for helicopters with cargo.
    AI Helicopters. Crash on deactivation during landing on the ship fixed.

    DCS MiG-15bis
    CN MiG-15 training missions added.

    DCS F-86F
    DCS F-86F Flight Manual RU.pdf added

    DCS UH-1H
    Fixed UH1H-Dyn.dll loading (for this reason, the game does not start for some players).

    DCS L-39
    Fix of multi crew interaction between two clients on server.

    DCS Mi-8MTV2
    Added cockpit fans.

    DCS Combined Arms
    CA slots will be displayed in the list of roles.

    RAZBAM DCS M-2000C
    Fixed TACAN range units
    Fixed clicking sound when in easy comm mode
    Increased drag of wing tanks
    Corrected rate limit of servo-actuator dynamics
    Made multiple corrections to engine performance
    Corrected gear lever handle operation and animation
    Corrected fuselage drag for more correct performance
    Corrected multiple missing inputs (gear up/down, airbrake up/down individual inputs)
    Corrected flickering for HUD symbology when WOW going on/off
    Fixed the issue where an engine sound could be heard even though aircraft is cold
    Added engine out due to extended periods of negative vertical acceleration and fuel accumulator is exhausted
    Hydraulic pressure 1 and 2 gauge animated
    Cabin altitude gauge animated and calculation updated
    Fixed Select altitude off by one
    Fixed control surfaces moving even when no hydraulic pressure available (either normal or emergency)
    Fixed cover switches being able to switch even with cover on
    Added flameout logic for loss of airflow into the engine and various mass flow correction for ambient conditions and aircraft state
    Fixed issue with left/right main gear modeled slightly differently (caused pulling to one side on takeoff/landing)
    FBW disconnect switch now FBW gain mode switch (see link below)
    Corrected control effectiveness at extreme angles of attack
    Correct burner diameter
    Adjusted vertical tail effectiveness at extreme angles of attack
    Added transonic drag effects
    Afterburner glow and flame now based on actual burner stage combustion temperature (not AB throttle position)
    Input file fixes in preparation for localization
    Gear modeling improvements
    Added keyboard control for all flight controls (pitch, roll, yaw, throttle)
    Default view improvement (based on input from community with minor alterations)
    AP heading fixes when command was cross 0 North while transition to commanded heading
    Engine nozzle position logic fixes
    Affect lift on portion of wing where air brake is when extended
    Filter on longitudinal acceleration
    Altimeter setting now functional
    Added animation to lights to be shown in multiplayer
    Fixed intake cones position mismatch
    Fixed nose gear door 3D collision bug
    Sustained turned rate improvements
    Autopilot control and engagement envelope logic corrected
    AA FBW mode now proper config with center tank loaded
    Added joystick mappable commands for FBW commands and seat adjust
    Fuel flow schedule fixes
    Buddy lasing functional (and ability for M-2000C to use JTAC)
    Updated manual
    M-2000C viewable in multiplayer for those that don't own it
    New Liveries
    Fix for kneeboard not showing up
    Small gun snake logic fix
    FPM marker caged below 50 knots
    HUD alignment fixes
    Fix for Mach indicator on HUD getting out of sync
    Inversed light for Landing Gear handle fixed
    Master Warning/Caution system fixed
    Unnecessary folder in CoreMods fixed
    Error in INS code fixed
    Missing icons for M-2000C fixed

    VEAO DCS Hawk
    Hawk radios talking to ground crew now working.

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    Cambios en la 1.5.2 del C-101 de Aviodev

    ED Forums - View Single Post - C-101 update


    - Fixed missing cockpit sounds at aircraft restore after crash or ejection.
    - Fixed a few memory leaks and crashes related to sounds.
    - Fixed Master Caution sound that was missing sometimes.
    - Minor: Fixed 'eng computer OFF' light with the corresponding circuit breaker being pulled.
    - Flyable rear cockpit initial support.
    - C-101CC: initial weapon employment capability was restored/implemented. Still work in progress.
    - Flight Manual in English language included.


    - Quickstart and Single missions added for Nevada map. Both in English and Spanish.

    In progress

    - Optical sight.
    - Weapon system operation.
    - Rear cockpit integration.
    - Code prepared for AFM integration.

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    Del Facebook de RAZBAM, se les ha unido un nuevo modelador / desarrollador (Edgar) que es conocido en el mundillo de FSX por hacer un Embaer 312 tucano, ha traido dicho modelo y esperan sacarlo como modulo despues de reconstruir el modelo 3D, texturas y realizar la programación correspondiente, no hay fecha de lanzamiento

    So..we got a new 3d artist/developer joining our DCS ranks, please welcome Egar and his Emb-312 Tucano. These are early renders and the model is currently going thru extensive work to make it DCS functional.
    The model might look familiar to some, since it has been marketed as "APEX Emb-312" for the FSX/P3D community.The DCS version will be marketed under the RAZBAM brand for the DCS comunity and will be based (after it´s done it´s fair to say loosely based) on this very same mesh.As usual, no release dates or deadlines, it will be ready..when ready
    Welcome aboard Egar!

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    Aeropayo de los güenos
    30 abr, 08
    Al lado del VOR BLN
    qué pasada de cacharrooooo!!!!

    Gracias Silver! eres nuestro corresponsal en DCS
    Nunca tantos debemos tanto a tan pocos Siempre con Nosotros

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    Rotor junkie
    18 sep, 08
    Sí sí, mucho render. Ya veremos.
    Alas que no empujan, no son alas.
    YouTube | Flickr | HeliBlog | AviationCorner | 500px

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    De vk.com: https://vk.com/eagle.dynamics

    Imagenes del nuevo modelo 3D del portaviones Kutnesov y la cabina del F-5E de belsimtek

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    DCS: World newsletter 29 enero (futuro de DCS: World):
    ED Forums - View Single Post - DCS World Weekend News
    Atentos a lo que viene:

    DCS: World
    Nuevas nubes y efectos graficos, HDR mejorado, luz deferente, nuevo sistema FLIR, ATC (Control de Trafico Aereo) mejorado, explosiones mejoradas, vapor en las alas, lluvia en la cabina, vegetación y hierba procedural, mejoras de multiplayer y servidor dedicado. Un nuevo generador de combate aereo con control de usuario avanzado para generación de misiones aire aire. Nuevas opciones de diagramas mejorados para el editor de misiones. Nuevo tab para el VR (Virtual Reality), que mejora la experiencia del usuario.

    Adición del L-39ZA, Salida del F/A-18C a finales de 2016 en beta.
    WW2 sigue progresando y se espera añadir al mapa de norte de francia las unidades terrestres. Spitfire Mk IX a mediados de 2016 y P-47 para finales de año. Se seguirá mejorando el P-51, Fw-190 y Bf-109K-4.

    Se espera completar los aparatos de FC-3, añadiendo el PFM al Su-33 y Mig-29 y el modelo externo 3D del Mig-29.

    Mejoras para el mapa de NTTR:
    -Base de la fuerza aere de Tonopah.
    -Nuevos casino para la Vegas
    -Nuevos aeropuertos y pistas para la zona central de las vegas
    -vegetación y efectos terrestres mejorados
    -Nacional Training Center (NTC)
    -Mejoras en el host.

    Se trabaja en el mapa de Hormuz centrandose con las operaciones embarcadas del F/A-18C. Ademas, se trabaja en la nueva tecnologia de malla dinamica de terreno (T-5) que dará nuevos tamaños y calidad a los futuros mapas.

    El tercer mapa en que se trabaja es WW2, que se espera centrarse en la experiencia de combate de la segunda guerra mundial.

    Mejoras en los portaviones Kutnesov y Nimitz, modelos detallados, con elevadores funcionales, hangares internos, sistemas de los buques animados, habilidad de caminar dentro de los buques. Habrá modulos opcionales que remplazarán los buques actuales en DCS: World.

    Nuevas campañas:
    Se están preparando nuevas campañas para los futuros modulos y teatros, ademas, habrá tanto campañas de entrenamiento como de combate.

    Esperamos que 2016 sea el crecimiento de DCS: World en formato de mapas, modulos y capacidades, ademas, se están realizando nuevos modulos y teatros por las 3rd parties

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    ફરોખ બલ્સારા*, Pharōkh Ba
    29 ago, 13
    F/A-18C a finales de 2016 en beta. ya no he escuchado nada mas......

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    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Imagenes de desarrollo (WIP) del Spitfire XIV de VEAO



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