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    Aerotrastorno medular
    06 dic, 07
    VNV, alineado con LEBL

    BAe Hawk para DCS: World

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    Aeropayo de los güenos
    30 abr, 08
    Al lado del VOR BLN
    Jó ya podían haber sacado el culopollo!!!!!

    Gran noticia Tuckie, un antes y un después de las patrullas acrobáticas no?
    Nunca tantos debemos tanto a tan pocos Siempre con Nosotros

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    Rotor junkie
    18 sep, 08
    Habría que hacer un post de DCS, este ya lo vi hace tiempo y según he visto también estaban con un Hornet para los virtual Blue Angels, el BD-5 que creo que ya se posteó por aquí etc.
    Alas que no empujan, no son alas.
    YouTube Flickr HeliBlog AviationCorner

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    14 ago, 11
    Pues si Tuckie...sin palabras.

    Con DCS las posibilidades son infinitas...El desembarco de los modelos de Iris, Razbam y compañía es inminente pero parece que los muy jodidos se están poniendo de acuerdo para sacarlos todos a la vez.

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    Rotor junkie
    18 sep, 08
    Alas que no empujan, no son alas.
    YouTube Flickr HeliBlog AviationCorner

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    VEAO requiere personal para futuros proyectos.

    Recruitment - We Need You!! - ED Forums
    Dear DCS Community,
    With upcoming modules for DCS consumer products and military contracts we are in need to fill positions for certain projects.

    Preference would be for candidates to have a working knowledge of DCS integration at a developer level but it is not necessary as guides and tutorials will be given by existing development team members.
    Knowledge in the given position is a must and proof of concept work may be required if proof of past work cannot be given.

    All works carried out are under full contract terms and conditions with agreed invoicing and payment terms between VEAO and the individual / company.
    Full terms will be discussed during the interview process.

    Certain military contracts will require security clearance and checks will be carried out so applicants must take this into consideration and again this will be discussed during the interview process.

    A signed Non-Disclosure-Agreement will be required prior to stage 2 interviews.

    There will be a 3 stage interview.
    Stage 1 - Initial discussion with candidate regarding their current/past/future works and general VEAO development process.
    Stage 2 - With NDA signed; discussion on VEAO current and future projects, development process structure and detailed examples of past/current works by the candidate demonstrated.
    Stage 3 - In-depth interview by existing development team members. Proof of concept projects may be required.

    Candidates going forward past stage 3 will be given a template full contract to review prior to signing.

    All works will be sub-contracted to contractual milestones and we are not currently taking full time positions as employees within the company.

    VEAO Simulations Ltd is an equal opportunities employer.

    All applications must be emailed to recruitment@veaosimulations.co.uk
    A CV / Resume is required detailing past and current works related to the position applying for.
    Any applications received without a CV / Resume will not be considered.
    Candidates will receive a response within 30 days of submitting their application.

    Positions available:
    Advanced Systems Modelling (ASM) programmer
    External Flight Model (EFM) to Professional Flight Model (PFM) standard programmer
    Internal cockpit and external liveries texture artist
    Digital display (HUD/MFD/MHDD/Radios) texture artist / programmer
    Sound engineer
    Manual documentation writer
    GUI artist
    DCS World mission / campaign creator
    3d Modellers for buildings / ground objects / ground units
    Terrain cartographer

    If you have any general questions please post them here or for specific questions email recruitment@veaosimulations.co.uk

    We look forward to working with you in the future.

    Kind regards,

    VEAO Simulations Ltd

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    VEAO Hawk Brochute:

    Hawk Brochure - ED Forums
    Hi Guys,
    I thought you might like to see the brochure that we'll have with us at Legends to hand out this coming weekend.



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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Update Julio VEAO, esperando por la licencia de Bae.

    Hawk update July 2014

    So, this weekend we're splitting the Hawk into two, not literally of course lol

    There will be the base Hawk in DCS World which the AI will use and you can see flying around negating the need for a multiplayer patch which we put out before.
    Then there will be the "paid" section which is essentially the activation part as our copy protection system will allow you to sit in the cockpit but not fly the aircraft unless you have a valid activation code.
    Both of these sections will then be uploaded into The ED testers version for them to test and report any bugs. Luckily most of the ED testers we have assigned are already on our test team so not much should be found.

    You will then see the Hawk appear in DCS World at some point in the future.
    We can't confirm which version yet but as soon as we know I'll let you know.
    I'm not sure if we'll make the Sabre update version but will try our best.

    The website and store are being worked on also right now by a very talented web designer in the US who is a good friend of one of our developers.
    The Hawk product pages are being built and we'll get our testing team to try it out prior to going live.
    This will be a seamless payment experience if bought through our site.
    We will then pass that product info in a format to ED for their web site and pass over thousands of activation codes for their star force database which allows you to buy from their store (still using our protection system).

    Then it's the Steam pages, I'm putting together the info needed for those and again producing activation codes for that database.

    So, when we said soon, we meant soon

    Legal stuff is very nearly there and will tie in with release.

    Very exciting times for DCS in the next few months for sure!!

    ED Forums - View Single Post - Hawk Sales Date and Cost Announcement
    Originally Posted by Noj View Post
    Don't mean to be critical or pedantic, but surely all that stuff would have been sorted out before you even started working on a commercial release?

    Otherwise, it's a load of money, time and effort potentially down the drain. Not to mention the damage it would do your rep if it had to be abandoned.

    I'm assuming the same would apply to the Typhoon, as well.

    Hopefully you can wrap them both up in one swoop (along with any future projects... ahem!)
    Most aircraft have to be developed to demonstrate to manufacturers what you're doing.
    It's a very convoluted process I won't go into here.
    We've been in discussions with BAE for over 2 years now as it's not just the Hawk we need a licence for from BAE. Also they're not set up for this kind of thing as it's not been done to this level before.

    Don't forget we're doing military as well as consumer products.


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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    VEAO Roarmap :

    VEAO Development Roadmap - ED Forums
    Hey Guys,
    We thought it would be good for you to know our development roadmap.

    The list is not final and will be changed at any time depending on contracts, agreements, discussions, etc. but this is our current roadmap.
    The dates shown are indicative and not final!!

    As Wags says, everything is subject to change...

    For the packs, we will be doing certain discounts for number of aircraft bought, etc. and this is still being discussed and details will be revealed closer to sale time.

    We are currently having discussions with aircraft manufacturers, owners of aircraft and collectors so some things may be included in packs and collections may not yet be shown on here but I'll update the list as and when we have agreements.

    We will keep this list as up to date as possible as things develop and contracts are agreed.

    We have multiple teams working on different projects, so the old "finish one before you start another" is not relevant. We will not overstretch the teams or the business!!

    The * next to the aircraft indicates that we are in contract with ED for those.

    We hope you like the selection of aircraft and maps and look forward to a great future in DCS with you!!


    DCS Air Force Training Pack
    BAE Hawk T.1A – July/August 2014 *
    Short Tucano – July 2015
    Grob G115E Tutor – July 2015
    Pilatus Pc21

    DCS Warbirds Collection
    Curtiss P-40F - December 2014 *
    Grumman F8F Bearcat – February 2015 *
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV – April 2015 *
    HA-1112 Buchon - May 2015 *
    Hawker Typhoon – Q3 2015
    Grumman Wildcat – Q4 2015
    Dehaviland Mosquito Mk IV
    Dehaviland Mosquito Mk XVI
    Messerchmitt Me109T
    Supermarine Seafire 17
    Hawker Sea Hurricane
    Hawker Sea Hawk
    Curtiss Hawk 75
    Curtiss P-40C
    Focke Wulf FW190A-8 / F-8
    Messerschmitt Bf109-E4
    North American A-36 Apache
    Douglass DC3

    DCS Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (RAFBBMF)
    We are currently in discussion with them to develop the pack and an announcement will be made soon.
    Avro Lancaster
    Douglas C-47 Dakota
    Hawker Hurricane MkI
    Hawker Hurricane MkIIb
    Various Supermarine Spitfire’s in their collection

    DCS Fast Jets
    Eurofighter Typhoon – 2015 *
    Boeing A330 MRTT Refueller – Included with the Typhoon as AI then developed ASM/EFM after to be sold separately.
    A-4C Skyhawk – July 2015
    A-4M Skyhawk – December 2015
    SAAB JAS Gripen
    Dassault Rafale
    Hunter Hawker
    Dehaviland Venom
    Dehaviland Vampire
    Panavia Tornado GR1
    Hawker Siddley FAS1 SeaHarrier
    North American T-28 Fennec

    DCS Helicopters
    Boeing/Augusta AH64D Apache
    Westland Lynx
    Westland Wessex
    Boeing CH-47 Chinook
    Aerospatial Puma

    Map Areas
    Duxford (test development map)
    North Africa – Tubruq
    Mach Loop – Welsh Valleys
    Falkland Islands

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 13
    Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
    Segun el Facebook de DCS: World y el mismo Ells228, hay muchas posibilidades de ver el Hawl T.M1 como modulo volable en la 1.2.9

    DCS Hawk will be released in 1.2.9
    ED Forums - View Single Post - Developer Diary
    You'll see it in 1.2.9
    ED Forums - View Single Post - Developer Diary



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