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    Usuario Foroaviones
    10 ago, 11
    Vídeo de las primeras impresiones de frogglesim.

    Un saludo.
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    Usuario Foroaviones
    10 ago, 11
    Today marks my inaugural flight of the PMDG 777. I must say, I’ve been very excited for this moment for quite a while now. We here at Angle of Attack have been working on our 777 Training for ever a year now, so the aircraft couldn’t come soon enough.

    After just a few short hours with the aircraft, what are some of the first things I notice?

    Throughout this post, I’ll share those thoughts and ideas with you in an attempt to get you all pumped up to fly this bird yourself.


    First impression was, “This is better than the 737! How is that possible?” But really, you’ll instantly notice a quality difference in a subtle way. This aircraft has a powerful, realistic presence.

    Because I’m already very familiar with the 737, and have done a little training on the 777, getting into the aircraft was a breeze. The automation of the PMDG 777 makes it easier to setup and fly than the 737. There are simply many background systems doing automated processes.

    I quickly fell in love with the ECL (Electronic Check List) and can see myself using it a lot. PMDG modeled it beautifully. You click off an item, the cursor moves down to the next item without you needing to move it. Ingenious.

    There are also a lot of other new features in an already familiar format from PMDG products. For example, there is an automated Ground Operations now- set your turn time, fuel, and the aircraft will be fueled up and even automagically pushed back at departure time.

    You’ll notice throughout these screenshots that the 777 looks much more reflective than other PMDG products. the reflective properties just feel accurate. This adds a surprising amount of realism to the look and feel of the aircraft.

    Now, with an aircraft like the 777, which is larger than the 737, we’d see a larger hit in frame rates, right? Wrong. The PMDG 777 is better on frame rates than the 737. Believe it. It’s true. And you’ll notice it straight away.

    One thing you’ll notice throughout any flight, is the vast library of sounds that flawlessly seem to play a mechanical orchestra. We all love the sound of fans in the cockpit, spooling of the engines, and the rumble down the runway.

    There will always be the PMDG way of pushing back, and also other services you can use for Ground Equipment, like AES or GSX. On my first flight, I didn’t fuss too much with these programs, and simply used the PMDG 777 pushback function.

    A bit off topic, but it’s worth mentioning that the airport used here comes from the amazing development ground FlightBeam, and this airport is San Francisco, KSFO.

    As we get to the shots here of takeoff roll, let me talk a bit about that. First, it’s really easy to get this aircraft setup for takeoff. If you’ve gone through our 737, you’ll get pretty close to getting it right the first time.

    Moving the power forward for the first time is a dream come true. This machine is stable. It’s not a nimble jack-be-quick like the 737. Although, that’s not to say it doesn’t have plenty of power. You’ll notice the power right away!

    I used -20% power for my takeoff and climb. I took off a third the way down the runway, and had an initial climb of 5200 FPM. Once CLB mode kicked it, it tamed down a bit during the acceleration and flap cleanup.

    In the PMDG 777, you’ll notice something on takeoff role you hadn’t really felt before- you’ll feel for the first time you’re really in the aircraft. Especially if you’re at an add-on airport, there’s the illusion that “all this is real”.

    The sounds and bumps and shimmies on the takeoff role don’t leave much for the imagination. It makes for a very realistic experience, and something you’ll be longing to do over and over again. Once you reach rotate, she just wants to fly!

    What can I say about hand flying the machine? It’s smooth. Astonishingly smooth. This means it’s very easy to fly. Between the FBW (Fly-by-Wire) system, and the controls and trim all setup right, it’s a dream. You’ll find yourself holding off on engaging autopilot (as we believe at Angle of Attack, you should become great at hand flying!

    Now, I admit. I didn’t get too far into my climb- only about 13K, before I stopped, went back, and got screenshots. I really wanted to be able to show you guys something. Doing a full flight didn’t make a lot of sense.

    It was good to stop, though, surprisingly. My mind was in a whirl, and I couldn’t hardly believe just how great the whole process was. After a few hiccups setting up my flight controls, everything else was absolutely incredible. Cant’ say that enough. Sorry if the phrase is getting old!

    Reflecting back on my experience, I did notice that I have a serious lack of training on the aircraft. You see, in our 777 Training at Angle of Attack, I won’t be an instructor this time. So I haven’t had the time to dedicate to learning the aircraft.

    I feel, therefore, I’m in the shoes that many will be in the day they get the PMDG 777- I’ll have some knowledge from past experience, but there will still be a lot of gaping holes in my procedures.

    One big reason I was able to setup and fly this flight so easily is two fold. First, standardization by Boeing meant that I had learned a lot already by flying the 737. Second, all my time training and flying the 737 helped quite a bit. The difference is standardization vs experience.

    My preflight procedures are very incomplete, and I’m sloppy. I can more or less buzz through the overhead flows, set everything up, and get the aircraft in a ‘lights out’ state, meaning nothing is amiss.

    Procedurally, and with experience, I have a lot to learn in the coming days, weeks and months. This will no doubt be accelerated by the training I’ll get from Angle of Attack. It’s quite odd that I will be trained by what we do. But that’s just a testament to the great team we’ve built here at AOA.

    I have loved a lot of the aircraft we’ve worked with. Some I have naturally learned in more depth. But I’ll be honest, I wasn’t in complete love with any of those airplanes. I think it has to do with what aircraft one actually loves in the real world.

    For me, the 777 is such a bird. I’ve always been so impressed by this airplane. In fact, I remember when I was in my late teens, being in San Francisco itself, seeing a 777 lift up and suspend in midair, with what seemed to be an ungodly climb rate for that size of airplane.

    Between those types of experiences, and learning more about the 777 program, and how the machine was produced and built. What a revolutionary aircraft! And boy, does she look good too!

    Things have only got better since the early days of the 777. Now we have the 777-200LR, which is the model PMDG has used. She has some curves now, I tell you. The engines really do it for me. What a clean looking airplane!

    When you become more familiar with operations of the actual aircraft, you start learning things like it’s ability to do ETOPS 180, and the long, long routes it flies. Although, I’ve always been a long-haul kind of guy.

    I’m looking forward to getting to know more and more about the operations of the aircraft, more about the history of the aircraft, and getting familiar with the tools that PMDG has built into their 777 to make it more user-friendly, and a more immersive experience.

    I know that I’m going to have to put some study and time into it, though. Yes, my past knowledge will help. Yes, I’m already familiar with Boeing aircraft, and flying in general. But this is a whole new machine, with it’s own quirks and challenges that I need to learn.

    What an exciting time we live in with Flight Simulation! There were moments during this short, half flight, that I said to myself, “This is real.” It’s just looks so darn good! It’s truly hard to believe.

    I know we’re also very excited here at Angle of Attack to work with the aircraft. This has brought a lot of purpose to our work, getting to train all of you how to fly such aircraft as the PMDG 777. We’ll have more news on all that in the coming days, but I wanted to show off the 777 for now. .

    If/when I do another post, I’ll make sure it’s a landing sequence somewhere.

    For now, stay tuned to our goings-on. We have some exciting videos coming showing you the aircraft that you will no doubt find enlightening. In addition, we’ll be doing our big giveaway soon, which you can find out more about, and enter for free on 777 Training from Angle of Attack. We’d imagine all of these prizes, and the PMDG 777 itself, will fall into our laps in a matter of weeks.

    And oh yeah, so will the training

    Para ver las imágenes ir al enlace de justo debajo.

    PMDG 777 First Screenshots and First Impressions

    Sacado de su fb: https://www.facebook.com/pmdgsimulat...if_t=notify_me

    Un saludo.
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    Usuario Foroaviones
    23 jul, 07
    Parece que les ha surgido un problema de ultima hora y lo dejan para el lunes o martes.



    (I've been trying to post this since this morning... Couldn't get the forum to respond... Sorry for the delay!)
    Sometimes, the worst part about being an airline pilot is when you hear ATC call you on the frequency and say, "We have holding instructions for you, advise me when you are ready to copy..."

    I will keep this short and sweet- but I wanted to let you know that we currently have had the 777 release in holding for a few days while we tried to sort out a problem that we felt was capable of putting the release "At Risk." (You will recall I mentioned this in my post from Monday morning...)

    The problem turned out to be a bit more complex than we expected, and the fix was not confirmed until our staff meeting this morning at 1300Z.

    The good news, is that the problem has been identified, a fix was found and it was implemented overnight last night.

    There really isn't any "bad" news per-se, but we have decided to reset the clock on final testing of the release-build, which puts our release window out into the Monday-Thursday time-frame of next week.

    We do not currently have any major items we are working with, and as long as the Tech and Beta teams don't pop up with some new, unseen critical problem, you will be flying the airplane at some point before next weekend!

    So here are a few questions some might ask:

    1) If we are so confident that product is ready- why not just release now?: We are absolutely committed to making certain that we have fixed the problem without breaking anything further. The only way to do this is to take the time to test the product properly. We have a responsibility to our customers, our testers and our development team to make sure we don't rush this out the door just because everyone is excited to fly... Just like when flying a real airplane, we want to make sure the fix is correct- and THEN we'll go fly.

    2) So what was it that you were looking for and why was it considered "High Risk?": Late in beta testing, we got a couple of passing reports from one or two members of our testing teams that "occasionally the switches in the cockpit cease being clickable." They reported to us that it was usually transient... for a few seconds... We started digging around and found nothing, and decided it was one of those odd "sim'isms" that seem to plague any complex software that runs with FSX. At PMDG we use many of the same techniques that are used on the flight deck- and our normal process of polling members of the team for "reservations/concerns" caused us to decide that we needed to take one good, long serious look at this little item. We established a team to dig into the matter, and found that we could replicate it on only one machine, and that replication was random... Our risk analysis on the item told us that, based on the intermittent nature of the problem it wouldn't necessarily prevent us from releasing- but we were worried because we could not predict the failure, nor could we identify what was causing it or give you instructions on how to avoid it... That put it into a very serious risk category... We don't like to have unknowns buried in a release.

    3) So did you solve it?: Yes, Yes we did. It took four days... or- 72hrs, depending on how you want to measure it. Alex, Henning, Michael and Vin worked about 18hrs a day for four straight days to find the problem. They identified a mistake we made, corrected the mistake, and then spent another 10 hours verifying that the fix cured the condition that we could replicate. We have now pushed the fix out to our testing team, and we have heard back from one of the four people able to replicate the problem that it has fixed the issue for him. The other three are testing now... and we anticipate hearing the same from them.

    4) So why make us wait until next week? We want it NOOOOOW! (And you said August!): Yes, Yes we did. This is a classic example of the reason we never give release dates. You guys know the product is about to release and you are excited about it. We WANT you to be out flying the airplane... But we want to make sure we are really and truly finished before we release her to you. That means giving the testing process time to percolate out to a natural conclusion. I expect you will be flying her by next weekend.

    5) Could this happen again next week? With another delay?: I do not expect it will. BUT: If we find something that will prevent some users from being able to enjoy the product- we will keep holding it until we have that issue resolved. That is because we care about product quality- and we have made mistakes in the past that we don't think any of us want to repeat. I recognize that our decision to HOLD until we have the problems fixed is a bit unusual in the modern marketplace, but it is how PMDG operates.

    6) Pricing?: All release details will be published next week!

    Okay- so...

    Enjoy your weekend- we will keep you posted on the testing progress during the weekend with comments (most likely in this thread) and we will see you for the release sometime between Monday and Thursday!

    You are really really going to love this airplane... I promise!

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    12 sep, 07
    Como me gusta la sinceridad y profesionalidad del equipo de PMDG.Como se puede ver anteponen la calidad y superan la presión a la que están sometidos sin perder algo que es importante cuando se desarrolla software, me refiero a la metodología y en especial la parte de QA (equipo de testeo).
    Estas cosas pasan,todos los que trabajamos desarrollando software lo hemos vivido,que alguien de QA se encuentre una issue haciendo un sanity check y que provoca que el equipo de programadores tenga que hacer horas extra.

    Vamos compañeros! Ya estamos todos en hold short de la pista y en breve podremos oír a esos pedazo motores rugiendo al despegar.

    Enviado desde mi GT-I9100 usando Tapatalk 2

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    Last of Time Lords
    30 ago, 12
    En un lugar en el que no querría vivir
    Cita Iniciado por farma-air Ver Mensaje
    Estas cosas pasan,todos los que trabajamos desarrollando software lo hemos vivido,que alguien de QA se encuentre una issue haciendo un sanity check y que provoca que el equipo de programadores tenga que hacer horas extra.
    A mí me tiene pasado terminar una parte de un desarrollo a las ocho de la tarde todo listo para certificar al día siguiente en Madrid (la sede la teníamos en Sevilla)... "Hala, fulanito, échale un vistazo a ver qué tal" (Fulanito era el administrativo que teníamos: tester usuario 100%) y meter el tío la zarpa y nada más meterla dar un casque brutal... Toda la noche arreglando el desatre que tenía que ver con un tema de multithreading en VB 6.0 (sí hace ya de esto 14 años). Llegué a certificar de puto milagro y retrasando la reunión dos horas con la excusa de que había perdido el AVE.

    En fin, las cosas divertidas del desarrollo.
    Lástima que ella no pueda vivir pero, ¿quien vive?

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    10 ago, 11
    PMDG shared a link.
    15 hours ago
    If you were following PMDG development a couple of years ago, you may recall a long video by Nick Collett of Angle of Attack showcasing the then upcoming PMDG 737NGX. Well Nick has done it again, this time for the PMDG 777! Stop bywww.777training.com to see what Angle of Attack has to offer for the PDMG 777, and of course, check out Nick's new video

    Sacado de su fb: https://www.facebook.com/pmdgsimulations

    Un saludo.

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    Pluscuamperfecto eh ya!
    28 may, 10
    Les ha pasado igualito que a los de Aerosoft con el Airbus X Extended

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    Cita Iniciado por Pinfly22 Ver Mensaje
    [COLOR=#282828][FONT=helvetica]Parece que les ha surgido un problema de ultima hora y lo dejan para el lunes o martes.[URL="http://forum.avsim.net/topic/417587-30aug13-pmdg-777-200lrf-release-plan-update-important/"]

    Para haceros más amena la espera a los futuros clientes:

    P.D: Esto es lo que causa la envidia, perdonarme

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    Cita Iniciado por JOSETI Ver Mensaje

    Sacado de su fb: https://www.facebook.com/pmdgsimulations

    Un saludo.
    Cómo mola!

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    Pista, que va el artista!
    22 jun, 11
    En la clandestinidad, ¿sabe usted?
    Haciendo una búsqueda sencilla por google: 777 pmdg me ha salido esto, de lo que parece ser la web oficial de PMDG:
    PMDG 777 Base Package for FSX

    dejo una captura de pantalla

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Alguien me puede explicar qué coñ...o es eso? o_O? 165 millones de dólares... WTF!!!
    El problema de andar con las orejas siempre puestas es que uno se expone a escuchar cada barbaridad... que da miedo



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