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    Usuario Foroaviones
    05 sep, 08

    Versión 10.10 X-Plane

    Según un apunte del blog Xplane10's Blog (ojo a los seguidores, se moverá en breve a xsimreviews.com), la actualización 10.10 de X-Plane está a punto:

    A message from Austin notes that version 10.10 beta 1 will be released soon – the full story:

    “X-Plane 10.10 beta 1 is finally wrapping up to ship! It will just be a few days now. This took forever largely because it is so darn tricky to get all the complicated highway overpasses and underpasses and bridges an on-ramps and off-ramps working in every case, with the near-infinite number of road combinations out there. BUT, we finally have it about licked and are starting to wrap up the beta to deliver it to you now.”

    Sounds like a great weekend coming up!…


    Aviso de nuestro colega Javier Rollón:

    Hello pilots!

    The new upcomming X-Plane 10.10 version is comming soon!
    Maybe you are one old x-plane user and know the procedures how to update, but for those that never did it, I would say that these steps are really really interesting you should do, and even I would say you "MUST" do.

    Once a new beta (or final) version of x-plane has come out (10.10, or whatever other version)....

    1. Copy the whole directory you have installed X-Plane (9, 10.. or whatever version). That version you are playing perfectly, good, your CRJ200 or any other addom you have.
    If your x-plane version is too heavy because addoms, or you installed a good part of the world, don't select those addoms in the copy, and in Global Scenery folder deselect to copy the Global Scenery/X-Plane 10 Global Scenery. Even you have water in the new version we want to test our planes in new version....

    2. paste in other part of your computer and call it as the new beta (or final) version number it has.

    3. Grab the X-Plane updater and POINT TO THE NEW COPY of X-Plane, so the new copy will be the updated one.

    4. Try all you can try the new version. If you have any problem report in the forum... BUT at least.. you will have still the plane perfectly and good flying in the old version.

    If you don't do these steps and anything changed in the new version of X-Plane that make something wrong with your addom (CRJ200, Mentor, etc...) then you won't be able to fly or use those addoms until the problem are fixed maybe by Laminar.

    Believe me, this has happened before, and you wouldn't like to wait to fly your favorite addoms because you cannot go one step backwards.


    Traducido a nuestro lenguaje: antes de actualizar, haced una copia de seguridad. Se puede omitir la carpeta "Global Scenery", que ocupa lo suyo.
    La 10.10 supone un cambio relativamente fuerte, y algún modelo (o plugin) podría fallar. No supondrá el paso hacia los 64 bits (ya lo han dicho), que llegará con la 10.20.
    Lo que sí cambiará será la interfaz, que tan insuperable parece (ahora que ya la conocía, me la cambian...)

    Para que triunfe el mal, sólo es necesario que los buenos no hagan nada (Edmund Burke)

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    A330 First Officer
    12 nov, 11
    De aquí para allá
    ¿Se sabe que cambios o mejoras trae esa actualización?
    Donde las personas ven un avión, cualquier aerotrastornado ve su pasión, sueño, afición. Disfrutando cada día de la mejor profesión del mundo, sin olvidarme de mi añorada medicina.

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    05 sep, 08
    La lista completa de cambios se publicará con la beta, pero ahí va algo, según Ben Supnik:

    What’s In 10.10

    This is not a complete feature list – when we do the first public beta we’ll run through our source control log to scrape out all changes. But here are some fairly big things:

    Austin is putting new UI into the sim for flight setup and airplane selection.
    Roads don’t shoot up in the sky anymore – crazy road grids was always a problem in how X-Plane showed the data, not the data itself. This change may also improve the stability of the sim.
    Chris has integrated “breakpad“, an open source automatic crash reporting system. The vast majority of the bug reports we receive are crash reports, and of them, the vast majority are missing critical files we need to understand what crashed. Automatic crash reporting should both save users time in reporting (you just have to click “ok” when X-Plane asks you if you want to send the bug to LR) and let us dig in with complete file information.
    10.10 includes faster clouds on ATI hardware on Windows.
    This build moves us to new compiler setup – while this is an internal change, it should mean faster load times on Windows.
    10.10 fixes some stability problems in 10.05r1. I don’t think the early betas will be great for long flights, but I think 10.10 will in total be better on this front. (But note: a lot of the crash reports we get are due to running out of memory. You can’t run X-Plane at the edge of your memory limits for 10 hours of flight – at some point it will go over. This particularly applies to Mac users.)
    Chris has rewritten the low level joystick code; while this was suppose to be ‘just the hardware’ code (with new UI coming in 10.20) it looks like one aspect will go live in 10.10: you can plug and unplug your joysticks while you fly without restarting the sim.

    The artists have been working this entire time and we’ve built up a pretty good pile of art assets to ship too – I’m not going to try to enumerate them right now because I’m not up to date on what they’ve created.

    Para que triunfe el mal, sólo es necesario que los buenos no hagan nada (Edmund Burke)

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    15 oct, 10
    Ya esta disponible la versión 10.10b1 para descargar, aunque dicen que no es muy estable.

    Falla mucho. Quien quiera probar, que haga una copia de seguridad...
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