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    12 nov, 11
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    Pack de sonidos clásicos para el B737 FSX (AWG Simulations)

    AWG Simulations has released a new sound pack for the CFM 56-3 jet engine, which is used on the Boeing 737 Classic series of aircraft.

    The Boeing 737 Classic sound pack for Flight Simulator X provides a precise representation of the CFM 56-3 jet engine, used to power all Boeing 737-300/400/500 series aircraft.

    The audio quality is top notch and realistic – it was recorded from an actual aircraft. The sound pack offers a very immersive experience, with accurate sounds of the cockpit and the external of the aircraft.

    Sound Features

    New Real Touchdown and Gear Sounds
    FSX Sound Cone Technology
    Take-off and Landing roll sounds
    Autopilot Disconnect Sound
    Custom Flap Sounds
    Custom Cockpit Sounds

    System Requirements

    Single Core CPU (1.8GHz or higher)
    2GB RAM
    80MB HDD Space Available
    128MB Video Memory
    Windows Vista/7
    Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2

    AWG Simulations produces a wide range of stunning Flight Simulator X add-ons. For more information about this sound pack, visit Home.



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