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    16 sep, 09

    PSS Airbus Professional in 2012

    os paso el link saludos

    and for FS2004 is back on the market at the BlackBoxSimulation website. It was initially developed for FS2002 as the 3D design complexity demonstrates that. Browsing their store, you’ll see they are also preparing the product pages of other FS2002 add-ons, famous in their times, like 777, or Dash 8.

    That’s fine if you found the FS2002 box in your shed or in one of those old-games-sales and you have been looking for add-ons to expand your sim. But what can we have for FSX ? Well, no more news about the 737 Pro for JustFlight since our last mention here.

    PSS Airbus Professional in 2012… « simFlight.COM News and Reviews for Simulation Games

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    25 euros por esa antigüedad???


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    Nemo me impune lacessit
    06 jun, 09
    Si lo único que sirve es el panel... lo demás es bastante malo.
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    03 ene, 11
    Solo es materia prima para Merges

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    This release is for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 ONLY, our "Upgraded" FSX version should be available in the next few days and will include Totally new FSX Flight Dynamics, New FSX Sound Set and a few minor compatibility bugfixes such as The VC and MCDU operation etc.



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