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    01 jul, 07
    Las Rozas (Madrid)

    737NG Audio Ground School

    FS2Crew ha sacado éste producto:

    A brand new take on 737NG pilot training has just landed!

    • Are you a professional pilot gearing-up for initial or recurrent 737NG training (FAA or JAA), looking for an inexpensive and efficient way to help arrive at your course "prepared"?
    • Are you a professional 737 maintenance engineer looking to expand or refresh your knowledge of this aircraft's systems?
    • Are you an avid flight simmer who wants to take your understanding of 737NG systems to the highest level?
    • Or are you just an aviation enthusiast fascinated by the 737 and its technicalities?

    If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, then FS2Crew's new "Audio Ground School" for the 737NG series was designed with you in mind.

    Four ways our program is different from traditional CBT training:
    • Anyone can buy it. A lot of CBT developers only sell to established Flight Training units, not individuals.
    • It's extremely well priced when compared with many other professional CBT programs that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.
    • Our program is pure audio (but it's backed by professionally designed cockpit posters as you can see from the screen shots). There are no animations or on-screen text. The reason we did it this way is because listening to audio forces you to take notes and become a mentally active participant in the learning process which assists memory retention. By using audio, it also forces you to focus completely on the material, whereas many other CBT programs can lead you to becoming mentally passive during the learning experience. With our innovative learning system we believe we have found a way to overcome these hurdles.
    • The audio in our program was recorded by a real-world 737NG Captain with years of actual line flying experience. He does more than just talk about lights, switches and systems, he also discusses issues relevant to 737NG flight operations that "aren't found in any book", things that only someone with thousands of hours of actual experience operating the aircraft would actually know.

    • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, or XP

    About the Presenter:
    Damien Weekes is currently a Captain on the 737NG. He has 2500 hours on type, and has flown the 700, 800 and BBJ models.

    • Over five hours of audio describing in detail 737NG flight deck lights, switches and associated systems at a professional pilot's level.
    • Associated 737NG limitations, operations parameters, MEL items, optional equipment and QRH items also discussed.
    • 737NG models covered: 600 through 900.
    • Highly detailed on-screen 737NG cockpit panel posters.
    • Posters can be zoomed in and out and the visible area can be resized for ease of viewing.
    • Audio recorded by a current 737NG Captain with thousands of hours of actual line experience on this aircraft type.

    737NG Audio Ground School (Windows/PC) - The FS2Crew Online Store

    Hay un descuento de 5 euros durante unos días.

    Habrá que probarlo.
    "Del apego surge el sufrimiento; del apego surge el miedo. Para aquel que está libre de apego ni hay dolor ni mucho menos miedo"
    -El Dhammapada

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    Staff ForoAviones
    29 may, 07
    Parece interesante
    La vida y la muerte:
    "La vida se defiende luchando; la muerte es el mayor premio para el valiente y el mayor castigo para el cobarde."

    "Cuanto más sudor en tiempo de paz, menos sangré en tiempo de guerra"

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    Comandante troll
    25 dic, 10
    Esto me va a venir bien para el ifly.
    "The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul..." Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh

    Mis repaints y merges

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    29 may, 08



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