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    Aerotrastorno medular
    06 dic, 07
    VNV, alineado con LEBL

    Primera expansión para IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover

    Ya tenemos la primera expansión para CoD:

    La idea argumental del pack pinta bien... misiones históricas para revivir una serie de pilotos que las volaron realmente, con muchos detalles cuidados...


    Traducción sacada del foro de 1C:
    A Hollywood-style drama

    , it is 28 November 1940, 17.13 clock, when a dogfight drama happening, what Hollywood could not have been better set the scene: highly decorated Major Helmut Wick, youngest wing commander of the Luftwaffe, with 55 kills leading Fliegeras of 1940, flying ahead of his unit over the Isle of Wigth in southern England. He takes the fight with several 609th Spitfire Squadron of the Royal Air Force pilot to shoot Officer and Baillon from. It is his 56th Launching! Seconds later hangs behind his Messerschmitt 109 E-4 Fligth the British Lieutenant John Charles Dundas, Section Leader in the no. 609 Squadron, and opened fire on Major Wick. Wicks machine is badly damaged. Fligth Lieutenant Dundas, one of the best fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain, calls into the radio: "I've got a Whopee On Oh Nine!" But the congratulations of his wing leader, he can not hear you! Rudolf Pflanz, squad leader in Major Wicks sits staff flight, the Spitfire of Dundas in the neck and pushes the buttons! Fligth Lieutenant Dundas is only seconds after his historic launch! Welcome to this drama! you have the choice! For whom do you fly? 6 campaigns, each in two variants - for weaker and powerful computer!

    Aces! Major Helmut Wick - 25 missions
    Aces! Flight Lieutenant JC Dundas - 13 missions
    Test Section 210 - ME 110 fighter-bombers over England - 30 missions
    3./JG "Richthofen" 2 - Bf 109-40 Missions
    No. 609 Squadron - Spitfire - 42 missions
    No. 111 Squadron - Hurricane - 27 missions

    All missions in the campaigns based on real missions. They show the Battle of Britain from the perspective of the pilots and reflect their use of activity with all the trouble again! Special

    Dynamic Radio Direction Finding for the British campaign (RADAR). You will be informed of the raids and ground control over the enemy can locate using the card as it was real in the Battle of Britain!
    A printed guide with historical background, list of code words of the German Luftwaffe, destination table and aircraft identification cards!
    A2 printed insert card of the combat zone. Printed on both sides, including target directory number for the British airports
    Update service for new and additional missions

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    05 sep, 08
    Lo positivo es que, por fin, el CoD empieza a tener apoyo de terceros.
    Lo malo, que el pack esta en aleman, y (por ahora) solo en soporte fisico (dvd). Cambiando esas dos cosillas...

    Para que triunfe el mal, sólo es necesario que los buenos no hagan nada (Edmund Burke)



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