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    Lo mejor, el aterrizaje.
    11 ago, 10
    A 5 km de LEMG, ahora LEMD/LETO/LECU.

    Adiós a Posky

    Me he quedado de piedra, Posky se divide en dos grupos, adiós a los mejores free.

    The end of an era and new beginnings...

    Everyone here has been waiting a few days for a statement from me. During that time I have been considering what I wanted to say and how I would say it. These are not easy times. History is replete with times like these and this is no different. This time though I am living it and not reading it out of some old book or seeing it on television.

    Project Open Sky started 10 years ago in the year 2000, in this month actually. I was not there for its beginning but sadly I am here for its end. Project Open Sky 10 years ago was nothing more that a small group of developers who modeled the first 767 with an open repaint policy. Little did they know the group they would start would become the longest running stable flight simulation freeware group ever. I was not into flight sim yet at that time other than dabbling around with FS95 and FS98 on the rare occasion. It wouldn’t be for another year or so before I started to become more involved in the hobby and the community.

    On December 10th, 2002 I was suggested to become a member of Project Open Sky. On December 14th, 2002 I became a member. In fact the topics and posts discussing my membership and my introduction still exist within the private members forum. I was brought on to make a Load Editor for the group’s aircraft for which the load editor in FS9 made obsolete. In time though over the years I moved into other areas mainly in the area of support and administration with the website and forum, then slowly as the group grew into server management and handling the donations up until recently.

    The current situation with Project Open Sky is the end of the group. Two groups will emerge from this. One will keep the name. The other will not. The motto of my home state, the Commonwealth of Kentucky is “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. Project Open Sky didn’t make it 10 years because of money, servers, the website or even the forums. The group made it this far because of its people. Given time though things change, people change, we all do, not one of us can escape this. It is life. Project Open Sky was successful because of its people and now it falls because of its people. The membership is no longer united thus we can no longer stand. We are divided and thus we have fallen. Nothing else matters, everything comes down to the people. The issues are not of consequence nor will they be disclosed. Everyone has their side of the story, a divided people always do. Going forward both groups need to unite amongst themselves or their new group will fall as well.

    A deal has been reached where both groups will have equal claim to the works and history of Project Open Sky 2010 back to 2000. Thus both groups will get full copies of the website, forums, backend end systems, and files. The membership of both groups is still very much in flux thus I can not comment about that at this time.

    Starting on December 1st, 2010 the Project Open Sky website and forums will be taken offline to allow the group keeping the name to make arrangements to move from the server to some other host. The domain name will be transferred from myself to the new Project Open Sky group sometime in January 2011.
    Also on December 1st, 2010 the other group named FSPro (Free Sky Project) will go live with the current website and forums of the old Project Open Sky. December 2010 will be an awkward time of transition for the two groups. Because of the logistics and the deal of transferring the domain name in January FSPro will have the only functional website and forum system carrying on in the stead of the old Project Open Sky. During this time the new Project Open Sky Membership will be allowed to use and support the old Project Open Sky downloads and releases on the FSPro system through January 1st.

    I can not comment on the future of the new Project Open Sky as I will not be involved with that group though I wish them luck in their future endeavors.

    I can comment about FSPro (Free Sky Project). The goal of the membership is to try and return to the roots of the old Project Open Sky and to become a group where people can learn and to grow in the FS hobby. Then one day teach the next generation as they move on to other places or interests. Our goal is not to be the best of the best though we want to be the best. Our goal is to the community and the people. In life and in this hobby people come and they go. The process of entering a point in your life then slowly moving on is a natural one. This new group has the benefit of experience and knowledge of the old Project Open Sky and a vision and goal to go beyond it.

    Going forward I ask that everyone here support both groups as we both need it. There are internal issues at play between members that can not be escaped. Both groups have agreed to remain friendly to each other in the interest of the public and in the interest of ourselves.

    Coming off the US holiday of Thanksgiving I have come to realize what I am thankful for. Most years feel I am thankful for petty things or I don’t have a clue as I just go through the motions. This year is different. This year I am thankful for my friends during this long hard process and I am thankful for the community at large. In the end people say that this is a hobby and a game and that it doesn’t matter. They are correct the hobby and the game does not matter. What matters is the people and the journey they take together because in the end the people are everything.

    Andrew J McKeown

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    Yo, ni flowers
    22 ago, 08
    Habrá que hacer buen acopio de todos los addons!

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    Lo mejor, el aterrizaje.
    11 ago, 10
    A 5 km de LEMG, ahora LEMD/LETO/LECU.
    Cita Iniciado por Espinosa Ver Mensaje
    Habrá que hacer buen acopio de todos los addons!
    Estamos en ello.

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    Pluscuamperfecto eh ya!
    28 may, 10
    Que tiene que ver que se separen para que descuelguen todo?



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