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    29 may, 07

    Infracción para daniel_mallorca: Incumplimiento de las normas de publicación de noticias

    Mensaje: Última hora: Cierra aeropuerto de Heathrow lugar para 190.000 nuevas viviendas.
    Usuario: daniel_mallorca
    Infracción: Incumplimiento de las normas de publicación de noticias
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    These are the first images to show how a brand new town on the site of Heathrow Airport would look if it was given the go ahead.

    The 190,000 home development is planned if a new Thames Estuary airport backed by Boris Johnson gets off the ground.

    It could bring 90,000 jobs to west London and help solve the capital's housing crisis as homes would be "snapped up" thanks to their location and transport links, the Mayor claims.

    The plans, released today and commissioner by Transport for London, were drawn up by firms Hawkins\Brown, Rick Mather Architects and Maccreanor Lavington.

    They would include a technology campus and the conversion of the Terminal 2 building into a civic and shopping centre.

    Mr Johnson said: "The demand for new homes and jobs in the capital is such that we must be ready to start redeveloping Heathrow the moment it moves to its new site. And the sooner we start planning the better.

    "We asked our architects to be as creative as possible and these designs illustrate strikingly different visions of a Heathrow of the future."

    He went on: "However the key point is that all these scenarios would potentially create some of the many thousands of new jobs and homes this city will require given London is expected to increase in size by a fifth within the next 15 years.

    "How we deal with that is something we need to be planning for and debating right now. Those discussions must not be delayed."

    But the redevelopment would depend on Mr Johnson winning his battle for a new airport in the Thames Estuary, dubbed 'Boris Island'.

    The planned scheme suffered a major blow last week as three reports warned costs could soar billions of pounds above the Mayor's estimates.

    Critics said the plans were left "dead in the water" after the damning reports.
    Architects' design for 190,000 home 'Heathrow City' unveiled - Transport - News - London Evening Standard

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