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    cheap tiffany jewelry Warm Life - donate old cloth

    Thank netizens initiative, myself and the people around me will respond to this initiative, donate their old clothes to children in the western region.

    although not much, but for those children in poor areas, it becomes a more urgent need for more practical.

    donate money, you worry about not being diverted or not used in the hands of children, old clothes but is among the most secure far the most insurance, direct mail packages to the most need these things in the hands!

    a few months, winter is coming, and whether it is not my readers, please see these posts online friends, to expedite it!

    to our \

    cute Betty2009-8-20 15:31

    Jun Cai's new work \We are in big cities will not be fed for the meal, a clothing and distress, may have occurred, perhaps in our side, perhaps a thousand miles away, there are too many people not wearing warm enough to eat . Think of us were around the corner we left clothes, books, toys, school supplies,wholesale football jerseys Laundry Tips, now we are not able to wrap them up with our love passed to the hands of people who need it!

    this theme: warm and human - to donate old clothes

    organizers of this event: Baidu Jun Cai bar (the \it \and processes.

    any doubts, Come Citie asked to avoid direct opening posted, thank you.

    【】 Jun Cai warm human right to donate old clothes and a warm human Enquiry.

    on: cute Betty2009-8-20 15:31 Reply to this statement

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    3 Re: 【】 Jun Cai human warmth it warm the world - donate used clothes (VS

    donate old clothes it

    Dear Friends it, before you seriously look at the donor Oh:

    1, clothing and quilts and asked

    1, the contribution,wholesale designer handbags, please wash the clothes clean, dry,In both traditional taboos, which is your respect for others, but also your civilized style of expression (conditions permitting, you can disinfect it). clothing, please do not have holes in them do not have obvious stains, buttons, zippers, must be intact, and the poor areas to buy these clothes accessories it is very difficult.

    2, lingerie, underwear, suspenders, without contributions; most likely to breed bacteria due to shoes, especially shoes can not be cleaned and disinfected, so not suitable donors.

    II Tips (especially important)

    1, to the post office to mail clothes when sent on the line with a flat, do not express. because of poor areas are in remote areas, whether express or surface mail to reach the time similar, with the level sent to save a lot of money.

    2, fill in parcel (\This convenient feedback.

    3, a piece of paper to write, \>
    or external large package black oil pen to write, \wear while being blind to the name and single number, you can not feedback.

    4, to be sure you can attach a note in the package box, such as: \Betty \br>

    on: cute Betty2009-8-20 15:31 Reply to this statement

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    4 Re: 【】 Jun Cai human warmth it warm the world - donate used clothes (VS

    donate old clothes it

    【map 1】

    of: cute Betty2009-8-20 15:31 Reply to this statement

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    5 Re: 【】 Jun Cai it warm, warm human world - donate used clothes (VS

    donate old clothes it

    【map 2】

    on: cute Betty2009-8-20 15:32 Reply to this statement

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    6 Re: 【】 Jun Cai human warmth it warm the world - donate used clothes (VS

    donate old clothes it

    III contributions to address the following three contributions

    address, for you choose to donate.

    1, 073】 【private address Menyuan County, Qinghai Province Ho Mun Town Garden East 2

    original post:

    this address to: adult and children's winter clothing (winter clothes, winter pants, warm socks, scarves, hats, gloves;

    most important need for students read books, school bags, as well as stationery.

    receiving Address: Qinghai Door County Ho Mun Town Garden Source on the 2nd East

    Zip: 810300

    receiver : Lu Jin-cai


    【098】 private address in Qianxi manhole Township Central School

    the original post:

    this address to receive the materials, including:

    1, for 1-6 grade students clothing;

    2, school supplies for students;

    3, adults and preschool children clothing.

    clothes be practical, but also a little bit fashion. skirt, also can receive.

    reception Address: Qianxi manhole Township Central School

    recipient: Huang Yali (center school teacher)

    Zip: 551502

    private address 124】 Sichuan Luzhou Xing Xu Yongxian view
    Kuan Hing Secondary School
    donor objects: students and local donations to poor families

    range: 1, clothes. adults and middle school students old and new clothes can be donated seasons. If it is through the old clothes, please be the clothes clean donate another.

    2, books. suitable for students to read extra-curricular books (to be positive, health books).

    3, school supplies. student for each class learning stationery, such as bags, pens,cheap gucci shoes Child marriages of love, notebooks, and a variety of stationery.

    contributions Address: Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, Xing Xu Yongxian view

    Kuan Hing Secondary School Zip Code: 646400

    Contact: Zeng Qin


    QQ: 544902150



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