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    Usuario Foroaviones
    21 oct, 07

    Totally off the record - Web de Infrahistoria aeronáutica :)

    En caso de quereros divertir un rato leyendo pequeñas historias de tripulantes...id a http://www.totr.com

    1/ que dijo la azafata?

    La nueva azafata al dar la megafonía, anunció que al ser el vuelo tan corto , no habría servicio entre las patas ( trayectos).

    What Did She Say?
    Totally off the record... One of our new flight attendants was on her first flight, and made her first p/a: "Ladies and gentlemen, since the flying time to Phoenix is so short, there will be no service between the legs today."

    2/ PROPOSICIÓN INDECENTE http://www.totr.com/story/

    Resumiendo, un Cmte. de los conocidos por causar irrirtación entre el resto de tripulantes. Éste al llegar a la habitación del hotel con el resto de la tripulación solía siempre llamar a las habitaciones de las azafatas, por si alguna caía al solicitarle sus favores. Durante los vuelos del día una azafata nueva había sid simpática con él, al llamarla esta a regañadientes aceptó que subiera a su habitación con la condición de que no dijese nada al resto de la tripiulación. Subió y entro en la habitación, ella al parecer estaba en la ducha. La nueva azafata le dijo que sirviese vino y que se juntara con ella en la ducha. Hizo lo que le dijo, se desnudó...y cuando estaba en el baño...toda la tripulación vestida le estaba esperando en el baño.

    Totally off the record... There was an aged pilot who was known for being obnoxious. Not only did the flight attendants hate him for his crude remarks but the other pilots despised him for giving all pilots a bad name.

    Seems he was particularly infamous for calling the flight attendants in their hotel rooms shortly after reaching the layover hotel. This call was generally an indecent proposal. Although this proposition was universally declined, he obviously maintained hope that some day his luck would change.

    One evening after a long day he made his regular phone call to a young flight attendant who had been very nice to him all day. With hopes high he suggested that he come to her room. Being a new hire and impressed with his position of authority she somewhat reluctantly agreed on the condition that the other members of the crew be kept in the dark the following day. Our intrepid aviator gladly agreed to her terms.

    Thinking that he would make quick work of this neophyte he ran to the elevator all the while thinking of the bragging rights that he would soon have. Reaching her room he found the door ajar. Upon entering he heard the shower running.

    The young but not so innocent flight attendant called out to him, "You'll find some wine on the desk. Why don't you pour a couple of glasses and join me for a shower?"

    Not believing his good fortune his trembling hands poured the wine and tore off his clothes. Fully at attention and with a drink in both hands he threw open the bathroom door.

    Inside he found the beautiful young flight attendant and the rest of the flight crew, fully clothed.

    3/ el de Safety Demo es muy bueno...pero muy largo de traducir...y pierde la gracia...

    Safety Info Demo http://www.totr.com/story/
    Totally off the record... I was flying to San Francisco this weekend, and the stewardess reading the flight safety information had the whole plane looking at each other like "what the heck?".

    So once we got airborne, I took out my laptop and typed up what she said so I wouldn't forget. I've left out a few parts I'm sure, but this is most of it...

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    promete esa web



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