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    25 ene, 09
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    Creo que la pieza que se desprendió correspondía a una reparación no aprobada en una nacelle.

    Copio y pego del informe oficial:

    The loss of the wear strip from the thrust reverser door on the Continental Airlines DC-10 originated from lack of rigorous maintenance. In fact, over a period of little more than a month, the part had been replaced during a C check, had become detached and twisted and had again been replaced, this time by a part which was not in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, this one being the one which fell off on 25 July 2000. Of course, this is not a critical part from the airworthiness perspective, but true safety implies strict respect for procedures, without any personal interpretation.

    Facts established concerning the metallic strip and the aircraft reveal inadequate adherence to maintenance procedures by the various workshops that carried out work on the reverser cowl. Thus the engine cowl support was drilled with thirty-seven holes whereas the installation of the strip requires only twelve; equally, a titanium piece was used in Houston along with a mastic which is not normally used for this operation; finally the lower right wear strip was too long compared to the specification, which helps to explain the successive tearing off of the strip located opposite.

    It is in fact surprising that nobody noticed the condition of the lower right wear strip nor that on the left fan cowl, if only during the replacement of the lower left wear strip in Houston. It is also surprising that this replacement was not accompanied by any attempt to understand why a part replaced a few days before was so badly damaged, nor by any subsequent check on the condition of the new part.



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