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    19 jul, 08
    Palma de Mallorca

    Want To Fly A Drone? Get A College Degree In UAV

    The University of North Dakota is now offering a 4 year degree in UAV technology. UAV [unmanned aerial vehicles] also known as drones are being used by both the military and civilian use for such things as monitoring the weather. UAV’s such as the Predator and Reaper are gaining in popularity by the military for counter insurgency use. The UAV industry is expected to explode to about $10 billion in the next decade, and pilots will be at a premium.

    In a recent news article it also stated that:

    A decade ago, there were about 50 UAVs in service; today there are more than 2,400. Civil and commercial applications include weather monitoring, private security, border monitoring, search and rescue and perhaps someday even cargo delivery and other service-oriented tasks.

    A tech-savvy generation of students is stepping up to fill a pilot shortage in the field, and if things continue on their current course, in four years time the program’s first graduates should find themselves quite employable. That is, at least until the drones become autonomous.
    For those who are looking for a future job that will be in high demand, taking a course in UAV could reap many future benefits. A generation of texting youth could find this an exciting job since controlling the drones can be done any where around the world from any location right here in the U.S.

    So what do you think? Are you a potential pilot for drones>

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    11 ene, 08
    En las Dakotas están la mayoría de ICBMs de EEUU

    ¿Fumas, cariño? Ummmh... Pincha en mi imagen mi amor...

    Keep fucking that chicken !!

    I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Flying planes on harmony. I watched Airbuses landing on water. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. It’s time to fly.


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    16 sep, 07
    ¿tiene salida? porque creo que muchos pilotos ex-militares que se han quedado en paro se han reenganchado para pilotar estos cacharros. ¿si soy aeromodelista y juego a simuladores de vuelo me convalidan cursos?.



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