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    Armadillo Aerospace Consigue ganar el Nivel 2 del NGLLC

    Armadillo Aerospace Claim Level 2 NGLLC Prize

    Published By Rob GoldsmithOn: 13 September 2009 9:02 AM CEST
    Armadillo Aerospace have officially won the 2009 Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge Level 2, on a rainy day at Caddo Mills, Texas. Reports came in from various locations during the day and spectators posted videos and images using social networking tools such as Twitter. The Space Fellowship earlier reporting that the team were getting ready to fly.
    Level 2 requires the rocket to fly for 180 seconds before landing precisely on a simulated lunar surface constructed with craters and boulders. The minimum flight times are calculated so that the Level 2 mission closely simulates the power needed to perform a real descent from lunar orbit down to the surface of the Moon. First place is a prize of $1 million while second is $500,000.
    Armadillo Aerospace's September 12-13, 2009 attempt to win the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge. Photo Credit: W. Pomerantz / X PRIZE Foundation

    Earlier on in the day John Carmack (Team Leader) had made jokes about the wet weather, saying “at least we don’t have to worry about grassfires today” As the rain eased away a window was expected to appear in which the team would attempt to win the prize. The team had a pre-flight meeting and got ready, Peter Diamandis posting “Team Armadillo on the move… rolling out to launchpad!“. The vehicle for level 2 is called Scorpious or the Super MOD.
    The team completed the first flight, John Carmack on the radio saying “good nominal flight, one down, one to go“. The vehicle was refuelled and flight preparations were again underway. At 6.22pm EDT there was a problem with the igniter, however, eight minutes later it was reported that the problem was a software glitch and that the second leg had been flown successfully.
    To complete the prize the team now needed to prep the vehicle and return to the finish line, they did it. Soon afterwards judges announced that Armadillo Aerospace had officially been confirmed as completing both flights within the rules.


    FLIGHT #1 of Armadillo Aerospace’s Level 2 attempt at NGLLC 2009 (Official Video)

    Congratulation go to Armadillo Aerospace again, but the competition is not over. Good luck to Masten Space Systems and Unreasonable Rocket who will both attempt flights before the end deadline. Masten Space Systems is due to try for the Level 1 next week at its home base in Mojave, Calif. It will also attempt Level 2 on Oct. 7-8 and Oct. 28-29. Unreasonable Rocket, will attempt Level 1 as well as Level 2 at its launch site in Cantil, Calif., on Oct. 30-31.
    Leave your messages of congratulations and read feedback at the Official Armadillo Aerospace Forum.
    About Armadillo Aerospace
    “Armadillo Aerospace is a leading developer of reusable rocket powered vehicles. Focused on VTVL (vertical takeoff, vertical landing) suborbital research and passenger flights, with an eye towards eventual paths to orbit”.

    Ya que estamos tan astronauticos, os dejo esta noticia. El equipo Armadillo Aerospace, liderado por John Carmack (si, si, el del Doom y el Quake) ha conseguido ganar en el nivel 2 del Lunar Lander Contest.

    El video es impresionante... sobre todo al final, cuando aparecen varios tios en escena y te das cuenta del verdadero tamaño del trasto
    ¡El desierto unido jamás será vencido! - Save the trulli, save the world



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