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    01 jun, 07

    Boeing 737-300 pierde todos sus sistemas de navegación y comunicaciones en vuelo

    A Batavia Air Boeing 737-300, registration PK-YVW performing flight 7P-209 from Jakarta to Pontianak (Indonesia) with 125 passengers and 6 crew, lost their navigation and communication instruments enroute and strayed off course. The crew saw the airport of Ketapang from their position and started to circle the airport doing, what appeared to be three approaches without actual landing, prompting the airport authority to activate emergency plans and deploy emergency services. Subsequently the crew was able to restore their navigation systems and was heard again on radio. The crew continued to their destination Pontianak, where the airplane landed safely about one hour behind estimated arrival of 20:30 local.

    The Indonesian Transport Ministry reported, that all computerized systems for navigation and communication had failed causing both navigation and communication to be completely lost for about 30 minutes. While the airplane was circling Ketapang, one of the systems could be restarted and started working again, although the emergency frequency (121.5 MHz) had to be used for radio communication. An investigation has been launched, the crew however has not yet been interviewed. The systems were replaced and the airplane returned to service on Saturday (Feb 28th).

    There are rumours in Indonesia, that the airport authority of Ketapang actually turned off the runway lights fearing the Boeing would land on their 1400 meter (4600 feet) long runway and thus forcing the Batavia flight to abort the approaches. Ketapang Airport is located around 110nm south of Pontianak.

    The Airport Authority of Pontianak confirmed the rumour stating, that the Boeing had veered off course and arrived over Ketapang. The airport authority switched the runway lights off and signalled "Do not land" by firing red flares and flashing red lights as their runway is not suitable for a Boeing 737.

    According to a source within Batavia the IRS (inertial reference system) had problems about half way into the flight, the crew elected to continue but did not monitor for IRS drift in both position and heading.
    Fuente: AvHerald



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