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    21 hospitalizados tras severa turbulencia que afectó a un B777 de Air Canada

    Turbulence causes injuries on Air Canada flight - CNN.com

    A burst of turbulence on a Toronto-bound Air Canada flight from China brought a frightening, surreal scene: Blankets covering passengers flew away and a soda can landed on top of an overhead compartment and stayed there.

    Passengers on Flight AC088, which was diverted to Calgary on Wednesday afternoon, described what it was like on board the Boeing 777-300ER. The turbulence occurred well into the flight from Shanghai.

    Twenty-one passengers were hospitalized, officials said.

    None of the injuries -- possibly to the neck and back -- was life-threatening, said Stuart Brideaux, public education officer for the Calgary Zone EMS. Three children were transported.

    "It's fortunate we don't have greater injuries," Brideaux told reporters.

    Passenger Gord Murray told CNN newsgathering partner CBC News that "it could have been much worse."

    "It was a little scary ... but all the crew were very professional. They handled themselves really well. Everyone stayed calm," he said.
    Press sucks!



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