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    25 feb, 10

    Accidente aéreo en Basel, Suiza.

    Two planes crash at Swiss airshow | World news | The Guardian

    Two light planes have crashed at an airshow in Switzerland, killing one of the pilots.

    Swiss police said they were two of three C-42b aircraft from Germany, flying in formation. They crashed after they touched in mid-air on Sunday morning.

    The automatic rescue system of the first plane failed to activate and the 50-year-old pilot died when his aircraft crashed into a barn in the hillside village of Dittingen, near Basel. Nobody else was injured.

    The pilot from the other plane escaped unharmed by parachute; the third plane landed safely.

    Police photos showed debris from the two aircraft scattered in the village. The cause of the accident is being investigated, said police in Basel-Landschaft.

    It follows the plane crash at Shoreham airshow in West Sussex on Saturday that killed at least eleven people.

    Pues eso, accidente en Dittingen, a 15km de mi casa, durante una exhibición aérea. Uno de los pilotos ha fallecido, eran del grupo de exhibición alemán.


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    30 sep, 12

    Enviado desde mi Xperia Z3

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    17 oct, 09
    Desgraciadamente va a ser verdad eso de que ocurren de tres en tres.... vaya tela
    Hazlo o no lo hagas ... pero nunca lo intentes !!!



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