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    Futuros ampliación aeropuerto de Hong Kong y Singapore Changi

    Ampliación aeropuerto de Hong Kong luz verde más tercera pista y una nuevas terminales:

    "Hong Kong's airport gets green light to build $18 billion third runway to meet surging demand"

    "HONG KONG — The Hong Kong government gave final approval Tuesday for a third runway at the Asian financial center's airport, aiming to meet surging growth in passengers and air cargo.

    Officials said the project will begin next year and cost 141.5 billion Hong Kong dollars ($18.2 billion)."

    Last year, the airport handled 63.4 million passengers and 4.4 million metric tons of cargo, both records.

    The airport predicts that the third runway will allow it to handle 102 million passengers and 8.9 million tons of freight a year by 2030.

    Hong Kong's airport gets green light to build $18 billion third runway to meet surging demand | Star Tribune

    Ampliación aeropuerto de Singapore Changi la nueva terminal 5

    Interesting details released on the new Changi Terminal 5:

    - Designed to handle 50M passengers per year, growth to 70M - almost as much as T1,T2 and T3 combined.
    - Planning underway even though T4 is still under construction.
    - Expected to open in 2020
    - Located on the east side of the airport, third runway to be built. Connected to other terminals for connections, dedicated MRT station.
    Changi's T5 to be bigger than 3 current terminals combined, AsiaOne Singapore News



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