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    03 jun, 07

    Air One suspende temporalmente operaciones a partir de octubre

    Os dejo la noticia...veremos si vuelve a operar...
    Important information about Air One flights from October the 1st

    The Alitalia Group, in the pursuit of sustainability goals and as part of a process to streamline its medium-haul fleet during the next winter season, has decided to operate the services presently offered with Air One brand mainly with its own brand Alitalia.

    Consequently, beginning October the 1st, together with the usual closure of the summer season routes, most of the connections currently operated by Air One will be operated by Alitalia brand and aircraft.

    All customers holding tickets for flights operated by Air One, with departure or return in October or in the following months, will be contacted soon by the Group’s Customer Center that will advice on new travel information and on rebook, change or refund terms and conditions. The Customer Center will contact impacted customers from Friday, August 29th.

    Flights that Alitalia will operate from October to replace the Air One network are available and on sale on the www.alitalia.com website and in any travel agency.




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