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    Rumor: Posible cancelado Airbus 350-800???

    Airbus planea enfocarse en A359 y A3510.

    -> Smallest variants cancelled due to poor sales.
    -> Airbus to focus on largest planes in the A350 family and A330NEO.
    Airbus Confronts Boeing Dreamliner With Upgrades to A330 - Bloomberg

    Los pedidos A350-800:

    Hawaian ordered 6.
    Aeroflot - 8
    AWAS Aviation Capital - 2
    Asiana - 8
    Yemenia - 10

    Totales: 34 Airbus 350-800

    Futuro Airbus 350-1100:

    And more importantly for the rivalry with Boeing, Bregier said Airbus will not launch a new larger widebody with 400+ seats to go head-to-head with the 777-9X.

    Bregier denied that there is any hole at the larger end of Airbus’s widebody twinjets, where Boeing now offers the new 407-seat 777-9X.

    Airbus’s largest twinjet is the 369-seat A350-1000. There had been speculation that Airbus would launch a larger A350-1100 to go head-to-head with the 777-9X. But Bregier said no.
    Airbus launches A330neo and firmly answers the looming strategic questions | Boeing Blog | Seattle Times



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