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    Usuario Foroaviones
    06 jun, 12
    A Lao Airlines Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600, registration RDPL-34233 performing flight QV-301 from Vientiane to Pakse (Laos) with 44 passengers and 5 crew, was on final approach to Pakse in poor weather conditions at about 15:55L (08:55Z) when the aircraft impacted Mekong River. All occupants of the aircraft are confirmed perished in the accident.

    The airline confirmed an "unexpected turn of events for the passengers of QV-301" when the ATR-72 on approach to Pakse in extremely bad weather conditions reportedly went into Mekong River. The aircraft carried 44 passengers and 5 crew. The airline has activated all available resources for rescue and recovery, there are no news of survivors, further details are not yet known to the airline.

    An airline official later confirmed all 49 occupants of the aircraft have been killed in the accident.

    Thailand's Foreign Minister as well as French Foreign Minister report all passengers on board perished in the accident. Both Ministers gave deployed staff of their local embassies to the accident site. 7 French and 5 Thai citizens are believed to be amonst the passengers.

    A ground witness described the aircraft appeared to have been hit by a strong gust, its nose rose, then the aircraft came down near Done Kho Island about 9km northwest of Pakse Airport and was completely submerged in the Mekong River (editorial note: a photo circulating on the Internet pretending to show the aircraft half way submerged in the water is actually of an Antonov 24, see our coverage at: Accident: Angara AN24 near Nizhnevartovsk on Jul 11th 2011, water landing after engine fire).

    The flight was originally scheduled to arrive at 12:15L however was delayed due to weather (storm). Tropical storm Nari had been battering the southern and central provinces of Laos at the time of the crash.

    The weather station at Pakse Airport [VLPS] transmitted only NIL Metars on Oct 16th, no data off a local weather station are available. The weather station of Airbase Ubon Ratchathani (Thailand), 53nm west of Pakse, reported:

    VTUU 161200Z 10002KT 6000 BKN017 OVC100 24/23 Q1009 A2980 NOSIG
    VTUU 161100Z 10003KT 6000 BKN017 OVC100 24/23 Q1008 A2977 NOSIG
    VTUU 161030Z 13002KT 7000 BKN017 OVC100 25/23 Q1008 A2977 NOSIG
    VTUU 161000Z 13003KT 7000 BKN017 OVC100 25/23 Q1007 A2975 RERA NOSIG
    VTUU 160900Z 16004KT 7000 -RA BKN017 OVC100 25/24 Q1006 A2972 NOSIG
    VTUU 160800Z 17007KT 7000 BKN017 OVC300 26/23 Q1006 A2971 RERA NOSIG
    VTUU 160700Z 14005KT 6000 -RA BKN017 OVC100 25/23 Q1006 A2973 NOSIG
    VTUU 160600Z 17008KT 5000 RA BKN015 OVC100 25/23 Q1007 A2975 NOSIG
    VTUU 160500Z 13007KT 7000 -RA BKN015 OVC100 25/24 Q1007 A2975 NOSIG
    VTUU 160400Z 15006KT 7000 -RA BKN015 OVC100 25/23 Q1007 A2976 NOSIG
    VTUU 160300Z 17007KT 8000 BKN015 OVC100 25/23 Q1008 A2977 RERA NOSIG
    VTUU 160200Z 15007KT 6000 -RA BKN015 OVC100 23/22 Q1007 A2975 NOSIG
    Crash: Lao AT72 at Pakse on Oct 16th 2013, went into Mekong River on approach

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    Delante de un radar
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    En contacto radar.
    Descansen en paz, qué mal cuerpo se le queda a uno...
    Steven Ruiz
    Jefe de Sala LECB.
    Barcelona ATC Control Group.
    Proud member of the Spainish Division.

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 jun, 11
    Qué lástima. Parece que la noticia así leída por encima habla de un "gust". No había por allí un huracán o algo así? Con los Metar que aporta la noticia se aprecia bastante nubosidad pero no excesivo viento, nada fuera de lo corriente.

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    F18 está desconectado
    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 dic, 12
    Descansen en paz.

    Un Saludo.
    ¡Perdido en mi habitación!



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