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    Usuario Foroaviones
    06 jun, 12

    Aeropuerto de Keflavik (Islandia) dejó de operar dos horas por problemas en el sistema


    Air Traffic Grounded at Keflavík Airport

    Air traffic was grounded at Keflavík International Airport, Southwest Iceland, for up to two hours this morning due to a failure in the flight data system. Due to the delay, many passengers missed their connecting flights, ruv.is reports.

    According to a statement from Isavia, the company which operates the airport, although rare, such problems have also occurred in neighboring countries on a number of occasions.

    The failure did not pose a safety hazard as focus was placed on those planes already in the air while those waiting to take off or enter the flight control area were delayed.

    The failure will be examined and appropriate measures taken, the statement reads.

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    06 jun, 12
    ¿quien paga las conexiones perdidas?



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