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    Clickair & Germanwings, ahora codigo compartido

    German Wings and cooperate Clickair
    German Wings and the Spanish Clickair now working closely together and link their Internet sites. The cooperation will benefit consumers by increasing choice.
    The websites of the two airlines will find customers now also by the other company offered flights between Germany and the home airport Clickair Barcelona.

    From Germany can score from Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin-Tegel (Clickair) and Cologne / Bonn and Stuttgart (German Wings) fly to Barcelona.

    Who past on the German Wings home a flight from Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin to Barcelona wanted was not found. In future, these connections offered by Clickair also in the flight of German Wings selection available online. Conversely, can now score with a flight at Clickair from Barcelona to Cologne / Bonn and Stuttgart look happy. Germany is by partner airlines now covered with Barcelona.

    The reservation is effective. The customer is on flight selection on the booking page of the partner airline forwarded and can secure and fast electronic ticket purchase. On the website of the respective partner airlines are more attractive travel options for passengers.

    Thomas Winkelmann, CEO German Wings, said: "Through cooperation with Clickair, we offer our customers an even greater choice at reasonable prices. Furthermore, our position as innovation leader among low-cost airlines in Europe once again demonstrated. The partnership Cooperation brings us to our growth rate further. "

    Alex Cruz, CEO of Clickair said: "We are pleased to offer our customers this new service can offer, thanks to the simple and efficient co-operation is now even more choice. With German Wings, we have a like-minded partners, just as we Future innovative design. We believe in this cooperation, she is a successful example of the fact that young Airlines, the driving forces of the industry. "

    Both low-cost airlines with the most sophisticated aircraft of Airbus. It also characterized the websites of both companies by large user-friendly. Clickair and German Wings offer the highest quality at best prices
    En resumen... que de alguna manera tiene que superar a Vueling, despues de que esta en el primer trimestre del año ha transportadoun 20 y pico por ciento mas que en el mismo periodo del 2007



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