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    Usuario Foroaviones
    06 jun, 12

    B738 de Primera Air con problemas de presurización de cabina

    A Primera Air Scandinavia Boeing 737-800, registration OY-PSE performing flight GX-103 from Keflavik (Iceland) to Tenerife Sur Reina Sofia,CI (Spain) with 183 passengers and 6 crew, was climbing out of Keflavik when the crew stopped the climb at FL200 reporting problems with the cabin pressure. The aircraft subsequently descended to FL150 and turned east along the southern coast of Iceland, descended to FL100 and continued via Faroer Islands to Northern Scotland before turning south straight to Shannon (Ireland). On approach to Shannon the crew advised they expected a normal landing, the cabin was depressurized, they needed shallow descents due to the depressurized cabin, no assistance was needed from the airport and no medical assistance was required, however the tour operator had organised trauma teams to meet the passengers at the gate should such assistance be needed. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Shannon's runway 06 about 3 hours after stopping the climb out of Keflavik at FL200. Tower reminded the crew to pull the circuit breakers of the cockpit voice recorder on request of the Irish Air Accident Investigation Unit.

    The Irish AAIU dispatched a Go-Team to Shannon on request by Iceland's RNF, who opened an investigation into the occurrence.

    The airline reported a tail strike on departure from Keflavik was suspected to have caused the pressurization problems. Due to the prevailing weather at Keflavik the crew decided not to return to Keflavik but divert to Shannon.

    A replacement Boeing 737-800 registration OY-PSC was dispatched from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Shannon as flight GX-9535 and is estimated to reach Tenerife as flight GX-1103 with a delay of 8:45 hours.

    Metars Keflavik:
    BIKF 061100Z 06037KT 0100 R11/0300 SN BLSN BKN005 OVC011 M03/M04 Q1006
    BIKF 061030Z 06038G48KT 0100 R11/0200 SN BLSN BKN003 OVC009 M03/M04 Q1006
    BIKF 061000Z 06035G45KT 0100 R11/0300 SN BLSN BKN002 OVC009 M03/M04 Q1006
    BIKF 060930Z 06038G52KT 0100 R11/0200 SN BLSN BKN002 OVC009 M03/M04 Q1006

    BIKF 060900Z 06036G46KT 0100 R11/0300 -SN BLSN BKN002 OVC009 M03/M04 Q1007
    BIKF 060830Z 06034G44KT 0100 R11/0300 -SN BLSN BKN003 OVC011 M03/M04 Q1007
    BIKF 060800Z 05031G41KT 0100 R11/0600 SN BR BKN004 OVC013 M03/M04 Q1006
    BIKF 060730Z 06033G45KT 0400 R11/0700 SN BR BKN005 OVC016 M03/M03 Q1007 11420067
    BIKF 060700Z 04032KT 0200 R11/0700 SN BR SCT005 BKN007 OVC015 M04/M04 Q1007 11420067

    Incident: Primera B738 near Keflavik on Mar 6th 2013, cabin pressure problems

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    06 jun, 12
    Supongo que le habrá tenido que dar muy fuerte para que se despresurice la cabina por un "tail strike"

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    21 mar, 11
    No necesariamente, el manual dice que ante un suspected tailstrike:

    Caution!Do not pressurize the airplane due to
    possible structural damage.
    So, for you guys who want to know how to make a living as a professional pilot here is the key: First, GET A WIFE WITH A GOOD JOB. I cannot stress this enough.

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    04 ago, 07
    Ni cerca ni lejos, ni todo lo contrario
    Con que roce justo la zona del mamparo posterior de presión...tienes todas las papeletas para que no presurice.



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