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    06 jun, 12

    Manual de vuelo del U2 desclasificado y colgado en la red

    How To Fly A U-2 Spy Plane


    "That's because a couple days ago an entire flight manual for the U-2 from 1959 was declassified and released by the CIA. You can tell it's declassified because on each page where the word "secret" appears, someone has carefully drawn a line through it. We've got a copy here for you.

    The U-2 is, of course, one of the most legendary and well-known aircraft of all time. It was one of the first true purpose-built spy planes, created at the height of the Cold War to fly over the Soviets and snap photos at high enough altitudes to prevent them from finding out or shooting it down. Of course, the U-2 may best be known for the time that both the finding out and shooting down part actually happened in 1960 over the Soviet Union.

    Even after the Powers incident, the U-2 kept going, undaunted, and is still in active service to this day. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that today's version is so wildly updated and advanced from the late '50s model described in this guide, and that's one of the reasons this manual was declassified. Still, it's fascinating reading even if it likely won't help much if you find yourself in the cockpit of a brand-new U2."


    El manual está en el link, la verdad que no sé como incrustarlo en el foro.

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    31 may, 07
    Ahora solo me falta el U2.

    Utility Flight Hb 1 Mar 1959

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    05 sep, 10
    qué te puedo decir.... gracias



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