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    Accident: Air Contractors A30B at Bratislava on Nov 16th 2012, nose gear collapse on landing, runway

    An Air Contractors Airbus A300-B4 on behalf of EAT Leipzig on behalf of DHL, registration EI-EAC performing freight flight QY-6321 from Leipzig (Germany) to Bratislava (Slovakia) with 3 crew, landed on Bratislava's runway 22 at 05:25L (04:24Z) when after touch down and during roll out the nose gear collapsed. The aircraft veered left off the runway and came to a stop on its main gear and nose about 1800 meters past the runway threshold with all gear on soft ground, no injuries occurred. The aircraft received damage to the nose gear, front section of the belly as well as both engines, which contacted soft ground.

    DHL reported there was no damage to the cargo. The crew had not reported any problems prior to landing, the aircraft was in the roll out at relatively low speed already when the nose gear collapsed.

    Runway 04/22 as well as a number of taxiways are currently closed as result of the occurrence. The airport continues operations on runway 13/31.

    LZIB 160700Z 13007KT 9999 FEW014 BKN027 06/03 Q1025 NOSIG
    LZIB 160630Z 15007KT 9999 FEW014 BKN027 06/03 Q1024 NOSIG
    LZIB 160600Z 15008KT 9999 FEW014 OVC027 06/03 Q1024 NOSIG
    LZIB 160530Z 14008KT 8000 FEW015 BKN027 06/03 Q1024 NOSIG
    LZIB 160500Z 14007KT 8000 FEW015 BKN027 05/04 Q1024 NOSIG
    LZIB 160430Z 14008KT 7000 FEW010 BKN027 05/04 Q1024
    LZIB 160400Z 14008KT 7000 FEW010 BKN028 05/04 Q1024
    LZIB 160330Z 12006KT 6000 FEW007 BKN028 05/04 Q1024
    LZIB 160300Z 11004KT 6000 FEW006 BKN025 04/03 Q1024
    LZIB 160230Z 07004KT 5000 BR FEW004 BKN022 03/03 Q1024
    LZIB 160200Z 07004KT 3500 BR FEW003 OVC022 03/02 Q1024

    Accident: Air Contractors A30B at Bratislava on Nov 16th 2012, nose gear collapse on landing, runway excursion



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