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    Airbus LOVER!
    29 may, 07

    Piloto despedido por hacer pasada baja

    La noticia tiene tiempo pero lo acabo de ver y me ha resultado bastante gracioso..

    Cathay recibe un 773, lo pintan y hacen una ceremonia en la que una de las cosas es subir a bordo del avion y dar una vuelta por boeing field.. entre los pasajeros se encuentra el CEO de Cathay que despues de hacer la pasada baja decide despedirlo xDD

    One of Britain's most senior airline pilots has been sacked for flying a passenger jet just 28ft off the ground as a stunt to entertain a group of VIPs.

    Captain Ian Wilkinson was dismissed by Cathay Pacific after the low-flying manoeuvre, cheered by spectators, was posted on websites, including YouTube.

    The footage shows the £100m jet swooping over the runway at Boeing headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA, with its undercarriage raised.

    The 55-year-old pilot was cheered by spectators and received a champagne toast reception after landing the 230-ton Boeing 777-300ER in Hong Kong, according to the Daily Mail. He was even pictured in Cathay Pacific's newsletter toasting the maiden flight with airline executives who had been on board. Among the 30 VIP passengers was Cathay Pacific's British chairman Chris Pratt.

    But the fly-by manoeuvre had not been approved by the airline, although Wilkinson had cleared it with air traffic controllers in Seattle, according to the Daily Mail. He was suspended after the stunt appeared on the internet, and dismissed from his £250,000-a-year job at a disciplinary hearing last week. His co-pilot Ray Middleton, 47, who is said to have been unaware the fly-by was unauthorised, was suspended from training duties for six months.

    Wilkinson, who was the chief pilot for the airline's 777 fleet, is reported to be considering an appeal against his dismissal.

    Another senior Cathay Pacific pilot told the Mail that Wilkinson might still be in post had his stunt not ended up on the internet

    "If no one else had found out about it, the incident would probably have gone no further. But once it began circulating on the internet and Hong Kong's Civil Aviation Department got wind of it, that was the end of him," he said.

    "Maiden flights are treated as a bit of a jolly for executives with lots of champagne flowing and these fly-bys used to be done for a wheeze in the old days. But they are dangerous, because however good the pilot thinks he is, he isn't trained for it and the planes aren't designed for it.

    "Wilkinson was showing off, and most of the pilots might be sympathetic but they feel he got what he deserved when he was sacked."
    Fuente: http://www.guardian.co.uk/



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    Usuario Foroaviones
    30 jul, 07
    Jajaja, graciosisimo..
    <== Click Aquí

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    Larva de troll foril
    07 ene, 08
    Pues no le encuentro la gracia, me parece una grandísima p***da lo que le han hecho a este comandante...

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    Lo suyo sería primero depurar responsabilidades y averiguar de quién surgió la inciativa de hacer eso, y actuar en consecuencia, porque claro, si a ese piloto nadie le dijo nada... no sé, es complejo...

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    05 sep, 07
    No tiene mucha calidad pero la pasada baja que costó el puesto a Ian Wilkinson aparece asi en youtube.....


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    Usuario Foroaviones
    30 may, 07
    la verdad es que el tío iba bajito
    “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”



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