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    Miami International Airport: Lanza un nuevo servicio wifi para sus pasajeros

    ravelers at Miami International Airport can now visit select travel-related websites at no charge while in the airport through a new WiFi program provided by the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD). Access to websites for airlines, hotels, rental car companies, the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, MIA and Miami-Dade County are now complimentary through MIA’s WiFi network portal. The new service offers greater online access to MIA passengers who need to make adjustments to their travel arrangements or need information regarding local tourist attractions.

    All other internet use on MIA’s network is available at a special rate for 24 continuous hours or for the first 30 minutes and then $0.25 per minute thereafter. Access is also available to subscribers of roaming partners including Boingo, iPass and T-Mobile and their respective partners at no additional fee.

    “While it remains cost-prohibitive for airports with MIA’s size and passenger volume to provide unrestricted WiFi service, offering travelers complimentary access to select websites that can improve their travel experience is an additional customer service enhancement for our 38 million guests who travel through MIA each year,” said MDAD Deputy Director Miguel Southwell.

    "Over several months, the Citizen’s Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) Aviation Sub-committee members worked diligently with the MDAD team and their consultant to craft, create, and develop this enhanced Wi-Fi service for air travelers using MIA. We are indeed very pleased with and proud of the final product that is now being launched," said Dr. Claudius A. Carnegie, Chair of the CTAC Aviation Sub-committee.

    MIA launches new WiFi service for passengers - {Travel Daily News}



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