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    Looking out
    07 jun, 11

    London Gatwick cerrado.

    A plane has made an emergency landing at Gatwick Airport after smoke was reported in the cabin.

    The Virgin VS027 flight bound for Orlando landed safely at the West Sussex airport on Monday.

    Passengers were being evacuated by emergency services, an airport spokeswoman said.

    She added: "Currently there are temporary delays to departing and arriving flights caused by an aircraft with technical issues on the runway."
    BBC - Homepage
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    rmg está desconectado
    Usuario Foroaviones
    08 jul, 08
    EGKK arrivals 0-rate
    Due to aircraft incident, rwy blocked and a 0-rate has been implemented until 1400 UTC

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    Canarión moreno
    23 nov, 11
    Sur de Gran Canaria
    Bueno, lo habrán pausado las salidas y llegadas un rato hasta que la emergencia se resuelva...

    Edito: Pues nada, hasta las 15LT, 1h y media queda...

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    Flying to the Moon.
    09 dic, 11
    15NM Radial 275 LEMD
    Cita Iniciado por reegreen Ver Mensaje
    She ...


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    A330 First Officer
    12 nov, 11
    De aquí para allá
    Flights in and out of Gatwick were suspended today after an aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing after a terrifying mid-air blaze.

    The Virgin flight VS027 had left the airport at 9.48am taking holidaymakers out to Orlando in Florida turned back after the passengers reported smelling smoke.

    A Virgin spokeswoman said everyone on the flight had been evacuated and four suffered minor injuries.

    Six passengers received treatment for breathing problems, according to West Sussex fire and rescue service

    Liam Moore, a passenger on the flight, told the BBC that everybody was "really shaken up".

    He said: "We were on the plane and everything seemed fine.

    "Then the pilot came on the tannoy about 10 minutes into the flight and said we would have to do an emergency landing.

    "It all happened so quickly. We landed and suddenly all the doors flung open and the emergency slides were inflated."

    "We then had to slide down the chutes, some people got cuts and grazes from the slide."

    Rachel Cole, whose sister was at Gatwick, were among those who took to Twitter to reveal details of the accident.

    She tweeted: "My sister just texted and said all the runways in Gatwick are closed due to a plane cockpit fire, they had to do an emergency landing!!!"

    Six fire crews from West Sussex Fire and Rescue were called to the blaze, which is believed to have started in the plane's cockpit.

    Firefighters used six sets of breathing apparatus and two powerful water jets to put out the flames, a spokeswoman for the service said.

    Confirming the incident, Virgin said in a statement: "Due to a technical problem on board the aircraft, the captain decided as a precautionary measure to immediately evacuate the aircraft.

    "Our teams at Gatwick are now looking after our passengers and assisting with their immediate requirements.

    "Virgin Atlantic is working closely with the authorities to establish the cause of this incident."

    The Airbus A330-300 aircraft had 13 crew and 299 passengers on board.

    A spokeswoman for Gatwick also confirmed that the flight had run into trouble mid-air.

    She said: "It has made a safe emergency landing, the emergency services are on the scene and the aircraft is safe and passengers are being disembarked.

    "Because the aircraft is on the runway all flights in and out of Gatwick are suspended until further notice."

    The spokeswoman said the passengers involved were being looked after in a specially set-up reception area at the airport.

    Some incoming flights have been diverted, with some now landing at Stansted Airport in Essex instead.

    It was not known just how long it would be before the plane could be moved from the runway and normal take-offs and landings could resume.

    Gatwick flights suspended after fire breaks out on a Virgin plane - Mirror Online

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    05 abr, 11
    El reporte de AvHerald:

    A Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330-300, registration G-VSXY performing flight VS-27 from
    London Gatwick,EN (UK) to Orlando,FL (USA) with 299 passengers and 13 crew, was
    climbing out of London Gatwick's runway 08R about 75nm westsouthwest of London
    Gatwick Airport when the crew declared emergency, levelled off at FL220 reporting a
    cargo fire indication and returned to Gatwick. The aircraft landed safely on Gatwick's
    runway 08R, stopped about halfway down the runway and was evacuated, a number of tyres deflated. Responding emergency services found no trace of fire or smoke. A
    number of passengers received minor injuries in the evacuation. The airline reported a technical problem prompted the captain to return to Gatwick and
    to evacuate the aircraft. The airport was closed for about 2 hours as result of the occurrence until the aircraft
    was towed off the runway.

    Accident: Virgin Atlantic A333 near London on Apr 16th 2012, cargo fire indication

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    Banana Power!
    14 oct, 08
    En tu pantalla
    ¡¡Qué bonico el A330!! ¿De qué podría haber venido esa alarma?

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    30 may, 07
    Eso es un pitillo...
    “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”

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    usando aceite reciclado
    18 nov, 08
    Si la bodega va un poco mal presurizada y se forma niebla se pueden dar falsos avisos de fuego en bodega...
    no digo que sea el caso, pero es algo que en ocasiones pasa
    Entra en mi blog y disfruta con los relatos de mis vuelos, las reflexiones sobre este mundillo y otras historias...espero que te guste


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    29 may, 07
    en el asiento de la izquierda...
    Bufff vaya dia! Me ha pillado firmando en la oficina...mi avion que en ese momento estaba en la aproximación se ha desviado a STN, y nos ha tocado esperar... saliendo como 3 horas tarde....



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