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    12 nov, 11
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    Embraer: Entrega 100 jets ejecutivos en Brasil

    Embraer delivers the first Medevac version of the Phenom 300 jet to Amil Resgate Saúde, today. The aircraft, with tail number PP-UTI, which was transformed into a veritable flying ICU (UTI, in Portuguese), is the 100th Embraer executive jet to be delivered in Brazil.

    “With this modern aircraft, we can offer the unique and excellent services highly recommended and reflected by the satisfaction of our clients,” adds Jorge Ferreira da Rocha, President of Amil Assistência Médica Internacional.

    “The delivery of Embraer’s 100th executive jet in Brazil to meet Amil’s challenging operational requirements makes this event even more important,” says Breno Corrêa, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Latin America – Embraer Executive Jets. “The rapid growth of the Brazilian executive jet market is a sign of maturity. More and more business people see this product as a powerful tool for productivity – a true time-saver – that helps generate wealth for the company using it and for the nation, as a whole.”

    Embraer was responsible for installing all of the equipment on the aircraft, which included a new interior design and assembly, and additional certification by aviation authorities. The current cabin configuration provides horizontal space for a stretcher, and four seats for the medical team and companion, as well as a private aft lavatory. All of the seats rotate, to facilitate reaching the patient and carrying out any necessary medical procedures during the flight.




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