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    Spirit Airlines: Critica las nuevas regulaciones federales

    Atlantic City International Airport carrier Spirit Airlines is railing against a new federal requirement to include taxes and certain fees in advertised fares, delivering an attack on the rule to anyone buying a ticket on its website.

    "Warning: New government regulations require us to HIDE taxes in your fares," blares Spirit's message on a huge box in the middle of the screen. It continues, "If the government can hide taxes in your airfares, then they can carry out their hidden agenda and quietly increase their taxes."

    Miramar, Fla.-based Spirit, which has a reputation for low fares as well as for its various fees that can boost prices, launched the campaign earlier this week.
    The U.S. Department of Transportation on Thursday started requiring airlines and ticket agents to include mandatory taxes, surcharges and fees in published airfares. The DOT said the change will make flying costs more transparent, helping people decipher exactly how much it costs to fly.

    The regulations do not address baggage and overhead storage fees imposed by some airlines, including Spirit.

    Spirit's response was met with rebuke, including from California Sen. Barbara Boxer, who wrote a letter Thursday accusing the company of deceiving the public about the new rules.

    George Hobica, the founder of New York-based airfarewatchdog.com that tracks air rates nationally, said the new regulations mean published airfare rates will be around $20 to $60 higher on most domestic roundtrip fares and more for international flights.

    Hobica said the regulations should have little long-term effect on the air industry, particularly since experienced travelers probably already know about the tacked-on taxes and surcharges.

    Yet airlines' claims that the rules unfairly target their industry have a point, Hobica said.

    "Everyone does it - hotels, car dealers, cruise lines, cell phone companies. If a cruise line or car dealer advertised the actual final cost of the product, people would be shocked," he said. "I don't think it's fair for the airlines to mislead people into believing they can fly for less than they can, but as a business person myself, I appreciate being treated fairly and I think the airlines are saying, ‘Why us?' And I think it's a legitimate question."

    The new rules didn't bother Margate-based Gold Transportation, a long-time charter air service in the region, which will start a weekly Florida Flights route from Atlantic City International Airport to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Thursday.

    Even before the new regulations went into effect, the company included airfare and other fees on its listed service, said John Trave, Gold Transportation's
    support services manager.

    This includes lunch, two checked bags and a carry-on bag for about $200 for the route, which is scheduled until late April, he said.
    "Really, the approach we took was, we're not a big company. We're not doing market research. But the calls we were getting, that's what people were saying," Trave said. "They were worried about being nickel and dimed. And the federal DOT recognized that too."

    Spirit Airlines attacks new federal airline fee regulations - pressofAtlanticCity.com: Breaking News



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