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    30 mar, 10

    Incidente A380

    Accident: Qantas A388 over India on Jan 7th 2012, turbulence injures 7

    By Simon Hradecky, created Sunday, Jan 8th 2012 08:51Z, last updated Sunday, Jan 8th 2012 09:09Z

    A Qantas Airbus A380-800, registration VH-OQF performing flight QF-32 (dep Jan 6th) from London Heathrow,EN (UK) to Singapore (Singapore), was enroute over India about 3 hours prior to estimated arrival in Singapore when the aircraft encountered turbulence causing minor injuries (cuts and bruises) to 7 passengers. The aircraft continued to Singapore for a safe landing at 07:44L (23:44Z Jan 6th) on Singapore's runway 02L. 4 passengers were taken to a hospital, 3 passengers were treated at the airport.

    The airline reported the aircraft was maneouvering around a storm system, the fasten seat belt sign had been illuminated. Although the crew managed to avoid most of the storm the aircraft encountered turbulence soon after the seat belt sign had been illuminated, a number of passengers were still returning to their seats.

    The aircraft was released for its onward flight the following day and is estimated to reach Sydney as flight QF-32D with a delay of 24.5 hours.

    Infrared Satellite Meteosat VISSR Jan 6th 2012 18:00Z (Photo: Meteosat):
    Infrared Satellite Meteosat VISSR Jan 6th 2012 18:00Z (Photo: Meteosat)

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    Fly, Fly, Fly
    12 nov, 08
    Hombre, es un accidente porque hay daños personales!

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    15 mar, 11
    Qantas lleva una buena racha

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    Grease Monkey
    20 jul, 07
    Buscando aparcamiento
    Cuando pones algo bajo el microscopio...

    ¿Que hubiese pasado si esto es de un 380 de Qantas?
    Incident: Delta B763 near New York on Jan 3rd 2012, transponder problems, electrical smell
    By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Jan 6th 2012 15:40Z, last updated Friday, Jan 6th 2012 15:40ZA Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300, registration N1607B performing flight DL-82 from New York JFK,NY (USA) to Nice (France), was maintaining FL250 while departing New York when the crew reported they had transponder issues and requested to maintain FL250. About 10 minutes later, about 210nm eastnortheast of New York's JFK Airport, the crew reported they had resolved the issue and climbed further to cruise level 310. Another 10 minutes later the crew declared emergency reporting they had an electrical smell in the cockpit and requested to return to New York. The aircraft turned around and landed safely on runway 31L about 40 minutes after turning around.

    A replacement Boeing 767-300 registration N1610D reached Nice with a delay of 4:20 hours.
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    29 may, 08
    Electrical smell, cerrada d culos en cabina

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    30 mar, 10
    No estoy interesado en la batalla Seattle Vs Touoluse. Pero en tratándose de un aparato tan novedoso considero que es interesante seguir su desarrolo. (Me gustan los aviones, las compañías bastante menos.
    P.D: Tiene razón el forista, es un accidente , no un incidente como erroneamente titulé.

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    Nemo me impune lacessit
    06 jun, 09
    Lleva 7 años volando... pero no está mal postear estas cosas. Si se pusieran todas sería mejor, la verdad.
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