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    Aerotrastornado 2.0
    13 may, 08
    En las nubes

    Bizjet... de Mach4!

    El texto es de Tim Robinson, de la Real Sociedad Aeronautica británica, si estáis en tuiteer, seguidle!

    Paris Air Show 2011 preview - updated | Aerospace Insight | The Royal Aeronautical Society
    Hyperbole in Le Bourget press release statements is nothing new. “Come and see our revolutionary widget that will change the industry” you will often read, only to discover it is a slightly better version of last year’s widget, painted a different colour.

    So when you receive an invite for something which will change the face of air travel as we know it, from a company you have never heard of you are naturally cautious. Arranging your press conference for prime time on a Monday morning too – against the big boys, if your news is not earth shattering – is a good way to get zero press attendance.

    However – it comes from someone with a very well-known name in business aviation circles. Hmm. One piece of digging reveals an interesting fact: Hypermach the company in question has a CTO who gave a talk on late 2010 on a supersonic bizjet concept. Apart from that nothing else is online about the company – except a website with a tantilising countdown to the reveal on Monday morning.

    However, a further email is even more intriguing – promising a Paris to New York in 1hr 45 round the world in 5hours – or Mach 4 – faster than the SR-71 Blackbird – still after its retirement, the air-breathing manned aircraft speed champion.

    This is, if correct, nothing, short of revolutionary. Crucially, the invite mentions air travel – rather than an unmanned project. Given that NASA/USAF has tried this before and found it extremely difficult – is this just a pie-in-the sky dream?

    One thing is certain – Hypermach will be remembered as either be the biggest Le Bourget flop the world has seen – or the unveiling of a whole new age of travel.

    For all the highlights from Paris, remember to check back at The Aero Society Channel | From The Royal Aeronautical Society or follow Aerospace International Editor Tim Robinson on Twitter @RAeSTimR

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    Caution Wake turbulence
    29 may, 07
    ¿Y qué fue del bizjet supersónico japonés?

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    Pluscuamperfecto eh ya!
    28 may, 10
    pa que luego lo le dejen volar..... como al Concorde...



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